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Finding your way around
Printing a topic
Solving display problems

Finding your way around

This User's Guide employs links to make navigation simpler. When you move the cursor over a link, it changes to a hand icon. You can then click the link to access a related topic or more detailed information.

Links in the body of this guide appear as colored or underlined text. In addition, the following navigational aids are included throughout the guide.

Table of contents

Use the table of contents on the left side of your screen to access all the topics in this guide. Click a main entry to view the topics under it, and click a topic to go to that page.


Click to return to the opening page.


Click to go to the Index.


Click to view the Search window, where you can locate topics by entering key words.


Click to go to the Glossary.


Click to return to the last page viewed.


Click to return to the top of the page you are currently on.


Click to view the previous topic in the series.


Click to view the next topic in the series.

Printing a topic

To print the page you are currently on, click Print on the File menu in your browser.

Solving display problems

If the screen displays incorrectly, try clicking the Refresh button (or the Reload button) in your browser.