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Konica Minolta Di2010, Di2510, Di3010, Di3510 Series Service Manual


Konica Minolta Di2010, Di2510, Di3010, Di3510 Series Service Manual

This Konica Minolta Di2010, Di2510, Di3010, Di3510 Service Manual is designed for experienced repair technicians only and not designed for use by the general public. The Service Manual describes all functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of the device.


1. Specifications
2-1. Installation Site
2-2. Power Source
2-3. Grounding
3-1. To ensure that the copier is used in an optimum condition
3-2. Operating Environment
3-3. Power Requirements
4. Handling Consumables
5. Other Precautions

1. Maintenance Schedule
1-1. Guidelines for Life-time Expected Values by Unit
2. Disassembly/Reassembly and Cleaning
(1) Cleaning of the Manual Bypass Paper Take-Up Roller
(2) Replacement of the Manual Bypass Paper Take-Up Roller
(3) Cleaning of the Manual Bypass Separator Roll Assy
(4) Replacement of the Manual Bypass Separator Roll Assy
(5) Cleaning of the 1st Pickup Roller
(6) Replacement of the 1st Pickup Roller
(7) Cleaning of the 1st Paper Take-Up Roller
(8) Replacement of the 1st Paper Take-Up Roller
(9) Cleaning of the 1st Separator Roll
(10) Replacement of the 1st Separator Roll Assy
(11) Cleaning of the 2nd Pickup Roller
(12) Replacing of the 2nd Pickup Roller
(13) Cleaning of the 2nd Paper Take-Up Roller
(14) Replacement of the 2nd Paper Take-Up Roller
(15) Cleaning of the 2nd Separator Roll
(16) Replacement of the 2nd Separator Roll Assy
(17) Cleaning of the Synchronizing Rollers
(18) Replacement of the Synchronizing Roller Bushings and Synchronizing Roller Gears
(19) Cleaning of the Paper Dust Remover Assy
(20) Cleaning the Transport Roller
(21) Cleaning of the Scanner Rails
(22) Cleaning the Bushings
(23) Cleaning of the Mirrors
(24) Cleaning of the Lens
(25) Cleaning of the Original Scanning Glass
(26) Cleaning of the Original Glass
(27) Replacement of the Ozone Filter
(28) Cleaning of the Charge Neutralizing Plate
3. Replacement of the Units
(1) Replacement of the Image Transfer Roller Unit
(2) Replacement of the PC Drum Unit
(3) Replacement of the Developer
(4) Replacement of the Developing Unit
(5) Cleaning of the Ds Collar
(6) Replacement of the Fusing Unit (When the Switch Back Unit is Not Installed
(7) Replacement of the Fusing Unit (When the Switch Back Unit is Installed)

2. Disassembly/Reassembly Instructions
2-1. Identification of Fuses
2-2. Parts Which Must Not Be Touched
(1) Red Painted Screws
(2) Variable Resistors on Board
3. Disassembly/Reassembly
3-1. Doors, Covers, and Exterior Parts Identification and Removal Procedures
3-2. Removal of Circuit Boards and Other Electrical Components
(1) Removal of the Control Panel
(2) Removal of the Master Board
(3) Removal of Paper Size Detecting Board 1
(4) Removal of Paper Size Detecting Board 2
(5) Removal of the DC Power Supply
(6) Removal of the High Voltage Unit
3-3. Removal of Units
(1) Removal of the Manual Bypass Unit
(2) Removal of the PH Unit
(3) Removal of the Toner Hopper Unit
(4) Disassembly of the Fusing Unit
(5) Removal of the Duplex Unit
(6) Removal of the Switch Back Unit
3-4. Disassembly of the IR Unit
(1) Removal of the Scanner Motor
(2) Removal of the Exposure Lamp
(3) Removal of the Scanner Assy
(4) Removal of the Scanner Drive Cables
(5) Winding of the Scanner Drive Cables
(6) Removal of the CCD Unit
(7) Installation Adjustment to be Made when CCD Unit is Replaced
(8) Removal of the MFB3 Board
(9) Removal of the ROM Board
3-5. Cleaning and Disassembly of Engine Parts
(1) Removal of the Transport Motor
(2) Removing the IU Motor
(3) Removal of the ATDC Sensor
4. Adjustment
4-1. Adjustment Jigs and Tools
4-2. Mechanical Adjustment
(1) Adjustment of the Manual Paper Size Detection Unit
(2) Manual Bypass Unit Installation Check
(3) Scanner Position Adjustment
4-3. Electrical/Image Adjustment
(1) Accessing the Tech. Rep. Mode
(2) Registration CD
(3) Registration FD
(4) Book Center Erase
(5) Loop Adjustment
(6) Edge Erase (Leading Edge Erase)
(7) Edge Erase (Trailing Edge Erase)
(8) Edge Erase (Right/Left Edge Erase)
(9) Image Density Setting
(10) ATDC Sensor Gain Adjustment
(11) VG Adjust
(12) Fuser Temp
(13) Registration (IR)
(14) IR-Mag Adjustment
(15) Touch Panel Adjustment
5. Miscellaneous
5-1. Installation of the Key Counter (Option)
5-2. Mounting of the Original Size Detecting Sensors (Option)
5-3. Firmware Upgrade (MSC)
5-4. Firmware Upgrade (Printer/Finisher)
(1) Composition of the Service Jigs
(2) Service Jigs Setup
(3) Firmware Upgrade Procedure
(4) Firmware Upgrade Troubleshooting
5-5. Remounting of the EEPROM

1. Functions of switches and parts on PWBs
1-1. Control Panel
1-2. PWB-A (Master Board)
1-3. ROM Board (Image Reading Section)
1-4. UN1 (Control Panel)
2. Utility mode
2-1. Utility Mode Function Setting Procedure
2-2. Utility Mode Function Tree
2-3. Settings in the Utility Mode
(1) Users Choice Functions
(2) Meter Count
(3) Copy Job Recall
(4) User Management
(5) Admin. Management
2-4. Tech. Rep. Mode Function Setting Procedure
(1) Tech. Rep. Mode Function Tree
(2) Settings in the Tech. Rep. Mode
(3) System Input
(4) Administrator # Input
(5) Counter
(6) Function
(8) Movement Check
(9) RD Mode
(10) ROM Version
(11) Level History
(12) Software Switch Settings
3. Security Mode
3-1. Security Mode Setting Procedure
3-2. Security Mode Function Tree
3-3. Settings in the Security Mode
(1) Total Counter Count
(2) Size Counter Count
(3) Copy Kit Counter
(4) Copy Kit
(5) Plug-In Counter
(6) Key Counter
(7) Vendor Mode
4. Adjust Mode
4-1. Adjust Mode Setting Procedure
4-2. Adjust Mode Function Tree
4-3. Settings in the Adjust Mode
(1) Printer
(2) IR
5. Initial Mode
5-1. Initial Mode Function Setting Procedure
5-2. Initial Mode Function Tree
5-3. Settings in the Initial Mode
(1) Memory Clear
(2) Touch Panel Adj
(3) Marketing Area
(4) Image Data Clear
(5) FAX Set Clear
(6) Date/Time
(7) Trouble Reset

1. Introduction
1-1. Electrical Components Check Procedure
(1) Sensor
(2) Switch
(3) Solenoid
(4) Clutch
(5) Motor
1-2. I/O CHECK
(1) Check Procedure
(2) I/O Check List
2. Misfeeds
2-1. Initial Checks
2-2. Misfeed Display
2-3. Misfeed-Detecting Sensor Layout
2-4. Misfeed Detection Timing/Troubleshooting Procedures
(1) 1st Drawer Paper Take-Up Section Misfeed
(2) Image Transfer Section Misfeed
(3) Fusing Section/Paper Exit Section Misfeed
(4) Turnover Unit/Duplex Unit Transport Section Misfeed
(5) Duplex Unit Take-Up Section Misfeed
(6) 2nd Drawer Take-Up Section/Vertical Transport Section Misfeed
(7) Manual Bypass Take-Up Section Misfeed
(8) 3rd Drawer Take-Up Section Misfeed (PF-210)
(9) 4th Drawer Take-Up Section Misfeed (PF-210)
(10) LCC Paper Take-Up Section Misfeed (PF-122)
3. Malfunctions
3-1. Resetting a Malfunction
3-2. List of Malfunction Codes
3-3. Malfunction Detection Timing and Troubleshooting Procedure
(1) C0000: Transport Motor Failure
(2) C0010: Imaging Unit Motor Failure
(3) C0045: Cooling Fan Motor Failure
(4) C004E: Power Unit Cooling Fan Motor Failure
(5) C004F: I/U Cooling Fan Motor Failure
(6) C0214: Abnormal Image Transfer Voltage
(7) C0500: Fusing Warm-Up Failure (Main Heater)
(8) C0501: Fusing Warm-Up Failure (Sub Heater)
(9) C0520: High Fuser Temperature Failure (Main Heater)
(10) C0521: High Fuser Temperature Failure (Sub Heater)
(11) C0510: Low Fuser Temperature Failure (Main Heater)
(12) C0511: Low Fuser Temperature Failure (Sub Heater)
(13) C0900: Lift-Up Motor 1 Failure
(14) C0910: 2nd Drawer Lift-Up Motor Failure
(15) C0920: 1st Drawer Lift-Up Motor Failure
(16) C0950: 4th Drawer Lift-Up Motor Failure
(17) C0960: Manual Bypass Paper-Lifting Failure
(18) C0990: LCC Elevator Motor Failure
(19) C0991: LCC Lift Failure
(20) C0996: LCC Lock Release Failure
(21) C0997: LCC Shift Gate Operation Failure
(22) C0998: LCC Shift Failure
(23) C099C: LCC Shift Motor Failure
(24) C099D: LCC Communication Failure
(25) C0F32: ATDC Sensor Failure
(26) C0F33: ATDC Adjustment Failure
(27) C12D0: MIO Device Failure
(28) C1300: Polygon Motor Failure
(29) Main Unit Communication Failure
(30) C133A: Main Unit G/A Communication Failure
(31) C133B: Exit Option Paper Transport Failure
(32) C13D0: EEPROM Failure
(33) C13E0: Flash ROM Failure
(34) C13F0: HSYNC Detection Failure
3-4. Power-Supply-Related Malfunctions
(1) Copier is not receiving power
(2) Only the Power Unit Cooling Fan Motor turns
4. Image Quality Problems
4-1. Image Failure Troubleshooting
4-2. Initial Check Items
4-3. Troubleshooting Procedures for Specific Image Quality Problems
(1) Image Reading Section: Blank copy or black copy
(2) Image Reading Section: Low image density or rough image
(3) Image Reading Section: Foggy background
(4) Image Reading Section: Black streaks or bands
(5) Image Reading Section: Black spots
(6) Image Reading Section: White streaks or bands
(7) Image Reading Section: Uneven pitch
(8) Printer Section: Blank copy or black copy
(9) Printer Section: Low image density or rough image
(10) Printer Section: Foggy background
(11) Printer Section: Black streaks or bands
(12) Printer Section: Black spots
(13) Printer Section: White streaks or bands
(14) Printer Section: Void areas
(15) Printer Section: Smears on back of paper
(16) Printer Section: Uneven image density
(17) Printer Section: Gradation reproduction failure
(18) Printer Section: Uneven pitch
5-1. List of Abort Codes

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  dave hardik yogeshbhai 2006-12-03 22:47:49  
  Just wanted to THANK YOU for letting me download that manual. I REALLY appreciate it. You know how kids are when they get on a computer they think they know everything and don\'t know anything. So Thanks Again AL HART
  Willie Morel 2005-02-14 13:47:08  
  DJURA ATILA 2011-05-21 12:45:55  
  Great program !!! I reset my Epson P50 very easy. Thx a lot!
  Longton Jamil 2013-01-06 21:09:08  
  I want to purchase a reset program for epson artisan 837. How much is it?
  dave burrow 2010-09-02 22:34:09  
  Dear John Re: 20748 / 20995 I would like to take this occassion to to say "Thank Very Much" for your reset product (WIC) on my epson sx115's. They worked perfectly and certainly did the job! I will buy from you again in the near future and would like to confirm that i would have no hesitation to recomend you to anybody. Keep up the good service. kindest regards Dave Burrow photographixdesign
  Ross Beale 2008-10-01 05:33:22  
  Thank you
  david simpson 2012-10-29 03:26:46  
  Brilliant stuff,very informative,well illustrated,althought i have an electronice background anyone could follow this very easily,a lot of thought & effort gone into this,welldone
  sunday omebe 2013-08-28 10:58:28  
  Thanks for doing what you do and doing a Great Job in helping people Your the Best Thanks
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