100 FIRMWARE KEYs for the WIC Reset Uility

<b>100 FIRMWARE KEYs</b> for the WIC Reset Uility
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FIRMWARE KEY is required for changing printers firmware.

WIC Reset Utility is used to change printers firmware in following cases:

1. Change to Chipless Firmware - it means printer will not need IC Chips on ink cartridges. Ink levels will be frozen to 100% for ever.
2. Downgrade firmware - this is required when NON ORIGINAL ink cartridges are NOT recognized by printer. This is because printers firmware has been updated from Epson server to newest firmware where not original ink cartridges are forbidden to be used. In this case You have to Downgrade firmware back to old.

Supported models for Chipless Firmware:
WF-2630 / WF-2631 / WF-2635 (downgrade / restore)
WF-2650 / WF-2651 / WF-2655 (chipless / downgrade / restore)
WF-2660 / WF-2661 / WF-2665 (downgrade / restore)
WF-2750 / WF-2751 / WF-2755 (chipless / downgrade / restore)
WF-2760 / WF-2761 / WF-2765 (downgrade)
WF-3520 / WF-3521 / WF-3522 (downgrade)
WF-3530 / WF-3531 / WF-3532 (downgrade)
WF-3540 / WF-3541 / WF-3542 (chipless / downgrade)
WF-3620 / WF-3621 / WF-3622 (chipless / downgrade / restore)
WF-3640 / WF-3641 / WF-3642 (chipless / downgrade / restore)
WF-4630 (chipless / downgrade)
WF-4640 (chipless / downgrade)

SC-P400, SC-P407, SC-P408
SC-P600, SC-P607, SC-P608


XP-243, XP-245, XP-247

If You have questions about using WIC utility for making printers chipless - please read this thread - How to make printer Chipless

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  BÝrge Tobiassen 2010-12-19 00:53:23  
  Hello, my printer PX700W is back in business after downloading the reset key for about 10 dollars. Greetings from Borge in Norway :-)
  Felipe Freitas 2015-05-20 22:51:38  
  Thanks you, reseted a Epson l1300 ink waste counter sucessfully, who sold me the printer wanted to charge me $25 and I would still have to take the printer to his office.
  Tim Nichols 2012-08-11 05:20:43  
  I was leery about paying the $9.99 for a key. After speaking to Epson "Specialist" and being told "Your machine must have issues beyond repair, but we can sell you a new one for $190" I decided to go ahead and try this software. A++ I would recommend this to anyone wishing self repair an epson printer. I have a RX595 , I use a CCS and when I received the waste pad error I was heartbroken. I love this printer. I tried bypassing waste pad but still got the error. This software is well worth the $$ Thank you
  edgar campos 2010-08-05 04:42:26  
  Thank you for full service Manual!
  Craig Phillips 2015-06-06 12:14:21  
  its great it saves a lot of money to be spent in vain i tried from various service centres, but nobody guided me properly by using ur software and reset key, it takes hardly 5 minutes to complete all the procedure thanks a lot
  phum ma 2023-07-27 11:26:39  
  I have order it but it can not work for reset wast ink pad .When release a new it too sad to order with 19.99$ with nothing can do.
====REPLY==== This printer model has separate Waste Ink Maintenance Box with its own IC chip. You can replace Waste Ink Maintenance Box or reset the chip on the Waste Ink Maintenance Box. This information is clearly stated in program description at our site.
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