NP 6218 copier
Service Manual

NP 6218 copier<br> Service Manual
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This Service Manual contains the bsic facts and figures about the plain paper copier NP6218, and is compiled to serve as a handy reference for servicing the machine in the field.

The NP6218 is designed to enable fully automated copying work and may be configured with the following accessories:
1. Cassette Feeding Module-B2*
2. Cassette Feeding Module-A2*
3. Control Card IV N
4. ADF-E1
5. Staple Sorter B2/D1
6. MS-B1
7. Remote Diagnostic Device II

This manual is limited to the descriptions of the NP6218, Cassette Feeding Module- B2/Cassette Feeding Module-A2.
* May not be available in some areas but discussed in this manual.

This Service Manual covers the copier only, and consists of the following chapters:
Chapter 1
General Description introduces the copier's features and specifications, shows how to operate the copier, and explains how copies are made.
Chapter 2
Basic Operationprovides outlines of the copier's various mechanical workings.
Chapter 3
Exposure Systemdiscusses the principles of operation used for the copier's lens drive unit and scanner drive unit. It also explains the timing at which these drive units are operated, and shows how they may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 4
Image Formation Systemdiscusses the principles of how images are formed. It also explains the timing at which the various units involved in image formation are operated, and shows how they may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 5
Pick-Up/Feeding Systemexplains the principles used from when copy paper is picked up to when a copy is delivered in view of the functions of electrical and mechanical units and in relation to their timing of operation.
It also shows how these units may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 6
Fixing Systemexplains the principles used to fuse toner images to transfer media in view of the functions of electrical and mechanical units and in relation to their timing of operation. It also shows how these units
may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 7
Externals/Auxiliary Mechanismsshows the copier's external parts, and explains the principles used for the copier's various control mechanisms in view of the functions of electrical and mechanical units and in relation to their timing of operation. It also shows how these units may be disassembled/assembled and adjusted.
Chapter 8
Installationintroduces requirements for the site of installation, and shows how the copier may be installed using step-by-step instructions.
Chapter 9
Maintenance and Servicingprovides tables of periodically replaced parts and consumables/durables and scheduled servicing charts.
Chapter 10
Troubleshootingprovides tables of maintenance/inspection, standards/adjustments, and problem identification (image fault/malfunction).
Appendix contains a general timing chart and general circuit diagrams.

In addition to the above chapters, this SERVICE MANUAL contains a set of appendixes consisting of a general timing chart and general circuit diagrams. A separate document entitled SERVICE HANDBOOK is also available for troubleshooting problems in the copier.

FORMAT: High resolution PDF document!
ZIP archive: 4 455 kB

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  Tomas Jomad 2014-05-21 14:00:25  
  Just wanted to write and THANK YOU for making such GREAT products.

I just reset my Epson 1430 printer. I\'m using it with bulk pigmented ink...and a custom color profile. I love it...and thanks to you I\'ll be able to get several more years out of it.
Best regards.Tomas Jomad
  john Liang 2018-08-16 18:24:01  
  I took a gamble last week by buying a Epson Pro 4900 for less than $140 thinking if I could not get it going, I can at least take the remaining ink out of the cartridge and use it on my other printers.

The initial nozzle test was not so bad for a printer that was unused for about 1 year, I got six Nozzles firing at around 90% not bad, the next thing I did was the popular Windex treatment, I ran 4 sessions of Windex treatment on the printhead, first one lasted 1 hour, second one lasted 2 hours and third one lasted 4 hours and the last one lasted 8 hours, I got a fully soaked paper towel in my last two treatments, I ran a series of power clean on the non firing nozzles but the Green nozzle remain clogged.
At this stage I thought this program may be my last chance to rescue this printer. I bought the program at 6 pm today, I ran the CL1 clean on OR/GR channel and the green nozzle remain clogged, I then ran the CL2 clean on the same nozzles and the same result, at this point I thought maybe this printer is completely dead but I will give CL3 a shot, I went for dinner when CL3 clean was performed on the printer. I came back immediately printed the nozzle check I got the perfect Nozzle pattern on almost every single colour nozzle except Cyan which has a few bar missing, a quick CL1 clean on Cyan/Magenta fix that.
The next thing I did was to run a quick paper profile on this printer with X-rite software, I printed two test pattern page to calibrate the printer, then come the first real print on my Epson Stylus Pro 4900 it was absolutely brilliant, the best printer I have ever own and the IQ on one of the cheapest glossy media I could find was simply breath taking.

I have to say without this software my $140 purchase would probably end up in the rubbish dump.
I must say I was skeptical about the truthfulness of the success that other has with this software but with myself actually tried this software, I have no reservation but to recommend that anyone who has a clogged Epson Pro 4900 to give this program a shot it may just save your printer.

On the scale of 10 I would probably give it a 11 and it is more than just good!
  eduar faundes 2020-08-22 19:39:55  
  My XP-4100 printer has recognized the old (but new) empty cartridge, I can also refill it with a syringe. This is a good economic solution.
  Mervyn Scott 2013-09-03 06:14:42  
  Your product worked like a dream. I have been having a horrible problem using ideas from other sources and your solution worked immediately and fast! Excellent program, you save my wallet and time...!!! Epson Artisan 810
  Ali Aba 2020-05-28 19:24:41  
  Merci Clé d'activation reçue dans les brefs délais
  Alan Perelman 2010-09-03 12:48:07  
  I am well pleased with your product and will recommend it to as many as possible...
  Angelique Hahn 2015-09-25 22:32:04  
  oh all good now john! it was my first time using this and im very impressed! super happy with the result and how fast i could use my printer, yay! thanks again!
  Tze Seng Tan 2018-07-21 21:00:24  
  Dear support-team, I´m very glad that all went so well. I want to thank you for all the detailed information you left with the package as well as the helpful information by your internet support. If ever required I will gladly give my experiences to my fellow colleges. Thank you again and best wishes from Germany. S. Ruhe
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