Color LaserJet 5500 Series Printers
Service Manual

Color LaserJet 5500 Series Printers<br> Service Manual
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Color LaserJet 5500 Printer Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the HP Color LaserJet 5500 Printer


1 Printer Description
Printer features
Model and serial numbers
Power and regulatory information
Site requirements
Space requirements
Electrical specifications
Environmental specifications
Supply storage requirements
Printer specifications
Printer assemblies
Media requirements
Selecting print media
Media specifications
Paper orientation
Supported media weights and sizes
Media specifications for 2-sided (duplex) printing
Media to avoid
Media that may cause damage to the printer
Printing on special media
Weight equivalence table
Environmental product stewardship program
Protecting the environment
Regulatory statements
FCC Regulations
Safety information
Laser safety statement
Material Safety Data Sheet
Toner safety
Canadian DOC regulations
EMI statement (Korea)
VCCI statement (Japan)
Laser statement for Finland
Declaration of Conformity

2 Service approach
Service approach
Parts and supplies
Ordering parts
Ordering supplies
Exchange program
World Wide Web
HP service parts information compact disc
HP support assistant compact disc
Customer care reseller sales and service support center
Ordering related documentation and software
Warranty statement
Hewlett-Packard warranty statement
Limited warranty for print cartridge life
Transfer unit and fuser warranty
HP maintenance agreements
On-site service agreements

3 Installation and configuration
Unpack the printer
Unpacking the printer
Installing the paper trays
Connecting power
Installing the print cartridges
Installing a new overlay (optional)
Testing the printer operation
Using PowerSave
Connecting to a computer
Parallel connections
Network connections
Enhanced I/O (EIO) configuration
HP Jetdirect print servers
Available enhanced I/O interfaces
NetWare networks
Windows and Windows NT networks
AppleTalk networks
UNIX/Linux networks
Printer drivers
Available drivers
Additional drivers
Network configuration
Configuring the printer for the network
Configuring Novell NetWare frame type parameters
Setting network security on the printer
Locking the control panel
Using an ASCII PJL escape sequence to set network security

4 Printer maintenance
Cleaning the printer and accessories
Cleaning spilled toner
Periodic cleaning
Cleaning the static discharge comb
Cleaning the OHT sensor
Approximate replacement intervals for supply items
ETB life under different circumstances
Locating supplies
Replacing supply items
Changing print cartridges
Replacing the transfer unit (ETB)
Replacing the fuser
Printer memory
Installing memory and font DIMMs
Installing an HP Jetdirect print server card

5 Theory of operation
Basic operation
Operation sequence
Engine control system
DC controller circuit
Motors and fans
Fuser power supply circuit
Heater temperature control
High-voltage power supply
Low-voltage power supply
Formatter system
Printer memory
DIMM slots
PJL overview
Control panel
Laser/scanner system
Scanner motor control
Image formation system
Image formation process
Print cartridges
Toner level detection
Electrostatic transfer/transport belt (ETB) unit
Electrostatic latent image formation block
Development block
Transfer block
Fusing block
Cleaning block
Calibration and cleaning
Color plane registration calibration
Drum phase calibration
Image stabilization control
Pickup/feed system
Pickup/feed unit
Fuser/delivery unit
Duplex feed unit
500-sheet paper feeder
Pickup and feed operations

6 Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Repair notices
Caution regarding electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Required tools
Types of screws
Print cartridges and ETB
Covers and external components
Rear cover
Top cover
Rear top cover
Left cover
Right cover
Multi-purpose tray (Tray 1)
Front cover
Control panel
Cassette cover
Internal components (front)
Paper pickup unit
Cassette sensor PCB
Multi-purpose tray sensor PCB
Paper pickup drive unit
Lifter drive unit
Cassette (Tray 2) paper pickup and feed rollers
Solenoid and clutch
Cassette separation roller
Multi-purpose tray pickup roller
Multi-purpose tray separation pad
Color registration detection unit
Internal components (left side)
DC controller shield
Memory tag antenna PCBs
Developing disengaging drive unit
Drum drive units
E-label memory controller PCB
DC controller PCB
Cassette paper size detection switches
Power supply fan
Internal components (rear)
Low-voltage power supply
Formatter case
Laser/scanner units
Internal components (right side)
High-voltage power supply PCB
Toner level detection PCB
High-voltage contact blocks
Door switch
Internal components (top)
Discharging PCB
Fuser power supply PCB
Fuser drive unit
Fuser inlet paper sensor
Fuser delivery sensor and output bin full sensor
Static discharge comb
Formatter fan
Cartridge fan
Optional 500-sheet paper feeder
Paper feeder left cover
Paper feeder right cover
Paper feeder pickup and feed rollers
Paper feeder separation roller
Paper feeder pickup unit
Paper feeder lifter drive unit
Paper feeder length and width detection switches
Paper feeder pickup clutch
Paper feeder PCB

7 Troubleshooting
Chapter contents
Troubleshooting process
Pre-troubleshooting checklist
Troubleshooting flowchart
Troubleshooting power-on
Printer error troubleshooting
Status messages
Warning messages
Error messages
Critical error messages
Alphabetical printer messages
Numerical printer messages
Paper path troubleshooting
Jam locations
Jam locations by error message
Paper jam recovery
Avoiding paper jams
Persistent jams
Paper transport troubleshooting
Multiple pages are fed
Paper is wrinkled or folded
Paper is skewed
Image formation troubleshooting
Print quality problems associated with media
Overhead transparency defects
Print quality problems associated with the environment
Print quality problems associated with jams
Print quality troubleshooting pages
Understanding color variations
Color selection process
Matching colors
Using color
Color options
Adjusting color balance
Image defects
Repetitive defects troubleshooting
Interface troubleshooting
Communications checks
EIO troubleshooting
AUTOEXEC.BAT standard configurations
Printer Job Language (PJL) commands
Control panel troubleshooting
Printing a menu map
Information menu
Paper handling menu
Configure device menu
Diagnostics menu
Service menu
Tools for troubleshooting
Embedded Web server
To access the embedded Web server
Printer Status and Alerts software
Printer configuration page
Supplies status page
Usage page
Event log
Diagnostics flowchart
Engine diagnostics
Individual diagnostic tests
Test pages
Engine test page
Formatter test page
Engine resets
Cold reset
NVRAM initialization
Hard disk initialization
Calibration bypass
Calibrate Now
Service menu
Accessing the Service menu
Main parts
Solenoid and clutch
Motors and fans
DC controller PCB
500-sheet paper feeder connectors
General circuit diagram
500-sheet paper feeder circuit diagram

8 Parts and diagrams
Chapter contents
Ordering parts
Supplies and accessories
Common fasteners
Illustrations and parts lists (printer)
Illustrations and parts lists (500-sheet paper feeder)
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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  vitaliy nikiforov 2007-04-18 05:43:16  
  Just wanted to say THANK YOU for info that I found on your website in this manual I thought my printer was dead in the water and your info bailed me out. You saved me a trip to a repair shop and no telling how much $$!
  Pierre-Yves Gibello 2020-01-23 22:33:55  
  Perfect: reset an Epson XP-700 counters within a minute. Worth 10$ :)
  Anonymous 2015-08-12 04:18:50  
  very easy! Buy Key, Open Program, Enter Key. You are all set!
Make sure to actually check your waste ink pads or install an external tank. Great I can finally squeeze the life out of my printer. Epson scam artist want you to send it back so they can sell as a refurbished model. I really don\'t know why epson doesn\'t just make this program available them self for free? Until then I can pay $10 instead of a new epson. Tested on WF7510. Owner of Epson WF7110 - New arrival looks to be good so far Epson WF7510 - Good Scanner Epson WF7010 - Work Horse Epson WF1100 - Second worse Epson WF30 - worst one Epson c88 - Ancient
  JAMAL HASJIM 2019-04-17 18:36:17  
  Ich bin begeistert! Mit dem TRIAL Key konnte ich meinen Epson XP 750 wieder resetten und er funktioniert wieder. Vielen Dank, dass ich mir dadurch das Geld für einen neuen Drucker sparen konnte und ein Drucker weniger die Umwelt belastet. War nur etwas anstrengend, die englischen Anweisungen zu lesen und zu übersetzen. Es wäre schön, wenn es diese Seite auch auf Deutsch gäbe.
  irin faranti 2010-07-13 06:00:31  
  I have just bought an Epson printer TX111, only a month I have used it, the sensor scanner in the main board has broken, please tell me how to repair it bcoz I can\'t use both the printer n the scanner. And show me which one the sensor scanner, I just knew it from the service manual. Thank you for full manual!
  Kullervo Hirvonen 2017-12-20 12:54:32  
  Epson XP-750 alive again. Thank you! Installing and operating were simple. Christmas Greetings 2017 from Finland, 20.12.2017.
  shahid azeem 2007-05-26 05:08:57  
  plz tell me about service manual R230 reply me soon
  salem polis 2005-02-04 02:20:52  
  Would you send me the address to let me send the mouny from my dank thank you my E-mail ( )
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