LaserJet 4L/ML, 4P/MP Printers
Service Manual

LaserJet 4L/ML, 4P/MP Printers<br> Service Manual
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LaserJet 4L/4ML, 4P/4MP Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the LaserJet 4L/ML, 4P/MP Printers


1 Chapter
A detailed matrix of printer features is followed by general information on the four printer models. Specifications, major assembly locations, safety and regulatory information are all included. The chapter ends with a discussion of the service and repair philosophy along with a discussion of the service and repair philosophy along with useful information on obtaining technical help.
2 Chapter
Recommendations pertaining to the physical location of the printer and consumables are followed by general print media specifications (including specifications for paper, envelopes, labels and transparencies).
3 Chapter
This chapter provides the step-by-step installation and setup procedure, along with detailed information on using the Control Panel for each printer model. Sample self tests and printer reset information are also included.
4 Chapter
Turn to this chapter for the information on routine printer maintenance, including consumables and printer cleaning procedures. Paper jam procedures are also included.
5 Chapter
Here you will find the basic theory-of-operation information required to understand the various printer systems and how they function together.
6 Chapter
This chapter contains step-by-step procedures for replacing all the printer's field replaceable units. Assemblies are grouped by physical location in the printer.
7 Chapter

Turn to this chapter for diagnosing and troubleshooting printer problems. Start with the general troubleshooting flowchart referencing the paper path and printer component location diagrams for assistance. Error message tables and image defect samples are followed by engine test and other diagnosticprocedures. The chapter ends with more troubleshooting tools such as an image defect ruler and wiring diagram.

Convenient tool for looking up any field replaceable unit. All parts are sorted both by part number and by part name. Parts are cross-referenced to their corresponding exploded view illustrations.

FORMAT: Scanned Copy
ZIP archive: 10 338 kB

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  Hugo Daniel Musso 2015-10-19 17:13:35  
  I have an Epson PX710w it is a brilliant printer, happy was I...but then....
the now infamous \"end of life\" message appeared.
After hours of research I found that Epson had a free download to reset and service printer, I downloaded only to find it did not work.
On contacting epsonuk I was told that there is no reset utility or program for uk Epson printers and that I must take it to my local Epson service centre.... this would cost £80 plus vat and parts! more than a new printer.
After advice from forums and many ebay offers of a \"genuine\" reset utility/key, I found
through them I \"chatted\" with John who assured me it would work, despite Epson uk advice, and so proceeded to purchase.
from start to finish it took less than ten minutes and I now have a fully working printer for a Meer $10 (about £8)
I cannot recommend this company any higher ..... thank you very much 2manuals and John and one up on big greedy corporation\'s.

Andrew in UK
  comunicate ya 2013-02-22 18:31:11  
  Nik Petridis 2013-04-24 17:20:08  
  I have a new Epson XP-102 and stopped printing with the error! Fantastic and very easy! WIC reset Utility does exactly as it says!!! Buy the key, and after few minutes the counter was reset! The best $9.99 I have ever spent This program saved me a lot of time and money! Thank you!
  Robin Griffiths 2012-11-22 08:48:30  
  BRILLIANT My Epson T11 stopped working with the ominous 2 lights flashing so I knew it was trouble and yes teh dreaded message came up about internal parts reaching the end of their servicabel life take it to (an expensive) service. Oh dear - A Google search brought up all sorts of so called download links for free re-set software but all of them didn't download the software but kept taking me to weird web sites. I was in despair of finding somethign that worked then came across I thought at first oh dear theres a cost involved. However I though well if it does work it will be worth it. Downloaded the software, plus updates, ordered the re-set key and hey presto a few seconds later the printer was up and going again. It was was every penny of the cost. Dont waste time trying to find so-called free solutions - total waste of time and so frustrating. Pay out for this and save the time and frustration AND it works! No fuss, no messign about no time wasting getting to dubious web site. A big THANK YOU I can highlym unreservedly reccomend this compnay for sorted out knotty printer problems
  lamine lamine 2010-12-03 18:29:51  
  thank you for Ihtmacm
  Paul Inouye 2016-12-16 20:41:53  
  Thanks for the program and manual. I was able to revive a 2 year old 4900. I had 100% blockage in 8 of the 11 heads, and over 50% blockage in the last three.... I ran the ink charge with cleaning fluid. Now I have 100% of the nozzle check pattern on ALL of the heads. I was blown away. I thought for sure I was going to pay for a new head. So, thank you. I also have a an older Epson Stylus Pro 4000. It has been sitting a while and the heads are dried up. Do you have the same program and manual for this printer? I would like to try to revive it as well. If you do could you just send me a link? Thanks again
  mohammed kateeb 2006-01-02 01:34:43  
  hi.........i want to thank u for ur website coz it has vry easy to download the file as will as directly download shortly ...gooooooooood luk
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