LaserJet 2, 3 Printers
Service Manual

LaserJet 2, 3 Printers <br> Service Manual
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LaserJet II, III Series Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the LaserJet II, III Series Printers


1 Product information
- introduction
- identification
- specifications
- related documentation
- safety and related information
- printer parts ovrview
- control panel overview
- service approach
- warranty statement

2 Site planning and requirements

- introduction
- site requirements
- storing and handling EP-S cartriges
- paper specifications
- adhesive label and overhead transparency specifications

3 Installation and configuration

- introduction
- unpacking and installation
- using the control panel
- using the printing and configuration menus
- font printouts
- self tests
- service mode

4 Preventive maintenance

- introduction
- life expectancy of consumables and related parts
- maintenance checkpoints
- cleaning the printer
- clearing paper jams
- ozone filter replacement
- fuser cleaning pad replacement
- EP-S cartrige life and use
- print density adjustment

5 Functional Overview

- introduction
- image formation system
- pickup/feed system
- machine control system
- interface system
- power distribution

6 Removal and Replacement

- introduction
- covers, panels and associated parts
- main body components
- top cover assembley components
- bottom cover components

7 Troubleshooting

- introduction
- pre-troubleshooting procedures
- main flowchart
- printer message troubleshooting
- image formation troubleshooting
- troubleshooting aids

8 Parts and Diagrams

- How to use the parts lists
- parts lists
- parts index

A Your road map to setting your laserjet II printer
B Your road map to setting your laserjet III printer
C HP 33449 memory board installation
D Cabling diagrams
E HP 33440/HP 33449 printer commandsr
F HP 33449 display language message translations


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  Ramin Ram 2014-05-27 21:42:06  
  Hi I have epson 9800. I need to adjustment program or resister counter for it. Ramin
  sachin sharma 2009-12-13 13:08:40  
  paper jam problem. Here is no service center.I am belong in distt.kullu (H.P)Thats products is very good but i have a service problem. can i make a traning any where in delhi & chd.
  Amit Das 2012-09-30 18:27:52  
  I bought your soft on your web site and used it without any trouble My printer works again Thanks a lot for your work
  santosh kadam kadam 2014-05-31 20:14:43  
  A printer\'s ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support.-- it worked! thank you
  ann weston 2022-09-01 07:15:35  
  I bought one reset key and it hasn't even been a month yet and my printer is already telling me that the ink pad needs service. All of these good reviews that I have read on here is the reason i took a chance and purchased a reset key. I have not been able to use my printer at all. I am highly pissed off that not even a month after purchasing the one reset key and my printer is back at it again. I want a refund or to be able to try another reset code. this is a bunch of B.S.
Waste counters doesn't have any relation to how much time did user used the printer. Waste counters increase when printhead cleaning is performed. One printhead cleaning takes about 3-4% of waste counter. So if user make 25-30 printhead cleanings - the waste ink counters will reach 100% and overflow. Doesn't depend on time you will make this cleanings - in 1 month or in 1 year or in 1 day or in 3 years. Usually when printer is new and using Epson original inks - -there will be no need to make printhead cleanings. After Epson inks finish - users often buy third party inks - they have not so good quality as Epson and may clog printhead more often. So after Epson inks finish - users make printhead cleanings more often - as a result - after 20-30 printhead cleanings - counters overflow. So - try to make printhead cleanings less often.
Only ONE thing what does Reset Key - it resets waste ink pads counters to ZERO. Doesn't matter counters will be reset by yourself using Reset key ($9.99) or by Epson Service Center engineer ($50) - the result will be the same - counters will become 0%
Conclusion: use high quality inks!

  BÝrge Tobiassen 2010-12-19 00:53:23  
  Hello, my printer PX700W is back in business after downloading the reset key for about 10 dollars. Greetings from Borge in Norway :-)
  Stephen Timms 2013-01-24 00:20:14  
  Great service, with good online instructions, for a nubee, this is the first time I have had to do something like this with my printer, will recommend you to my photo club.
  urie el 2007-08-28 00:02:52  
  me parese un muy buen servicio kalos pero es mejor que lopongan mas facil para asi poder bajarlo mas rapido nose si sirva
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