DeskJet 400 Printers Series Technical Support Solutions Guide

DeskJet 400 Printers Series Technical Support Solutions Guide
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DeskJet 400 Printers Series Service Manual

This guide is designed as a reference for people who provide post-sale technical support to end-users of
the HP DeskJet 400 printer. It represents a collection of information gathered from Hewlett-Packard’s
dealer and end-user support organizations. The purpose of this guide is to provide answers to frequently
asked questions and solutions to common problems.


Chapter 1 Product Information
Model Numbers and Product Positioning
Support Tools
Features and Benefits
Printer Options
Power Adapter Part Numbers
Supplies and Accessories
User Documentation
Internal Fonts
Performance Specifications
Reliability Specifications
Graphics Resolution
Interface Specifications
Physical Specifications
Packaging Dimensions Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Product Safety Specifications
Paper Handling Specifications
Printable Area
Hewlett-Packard Print Cartridge Specifications

Chapter 2 Installation and Configuration
Items Included
Connecting Power to the Printer
Connecting the Printer to a Power Adapter
Centronics Parallel Pinout Information
Connecting the Interface Cable and Establishing Communication
Installing Windows Printer Drivers
Configuring the Printer
Configuration Options with the DJPMenu Configuration Utility
Running the DJPMenu Configuration Utility
Changing Default Graphics Resolutions
Changing the Input Buffer Size
Localizing Factory Defaults

Chapter 3 Operation and Usage
Printer Buttons and Lights
Loading Media
Normal Printing from the Paper Tray
Manual Single Load
Installing/Replacing a Print Cartridge
Maintaining Print Cartridges
Print Cartridge Safety
Cleaning the Print Cartridge
Material Safety Data Sheet
Print Cartridge Tips
Maintaining the Printer
Thermal Inkjet II Technology

Chapter 4 Printer Drivers
Windows Printer Drivers
Microsoft’s Printer Drivers for Windows
Hewlett-Packard’s Printer Drivers for Windows
Printer Driver Features and Capabilities
HP DeskJet 400 Printer Driver for Windows
Minimum Configuration for Hewlett-Packard’s Printer Drivers
Common Windows Printer Driver Problems
Composite Black Ink
Increasing the Printing Speed
Selecting a Printer Driver

Chapter 5 Problem Resolution
Troubleshooting Tools
Overall Troubleshooting
Solving Power Adapter Problems
Troubleshooting the Printer
Power On Self-Test
Printer Demo Page
Printing Problems
Printer Light Indications
Solving Carriage Stall Conditions
Troubleshooting Paper Feed Operations
Clearing Paper Jams
Avoiding Print Skew
Printer Skew Specification
Measuring Paper Squareness
Measuring Print Skew
Troubleshooting Communication Problems
Troubleshooting Print Cartridges
Short Print Cartridge Life
Identifying the Print Cartridge Expiration Date
Using the Print Cartridge Cleaning Routine
Removing Crusted Ink from the Print Cartridge Nozzles
Cleaning the Electrical Contacts
Clearing Clogged Print Cartridge Nozzles
Troubleshooting Print Quality
Solving Black Print Quality Problems
Solving Color Print Quality Problems
Printouts Missing Rows of Dots
Inconsistent Color Fill Patterns

Chapter 6 Service and Support Information
Warranty Information
U.S. Service Support Contracts
HP Express Exchange Service
HP SupportPack
HP Customer Return Repair Service
Non-U.S. Service Support Contracts
HP SupportPack
Returning a Printer for Service
In the U.S
In the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands
Elsewhere in the World
Service and Support Resources
Obtaining Printer Drivers
Obtaining Support Information
Additional Resource Information
Printer Repair Feedback Information
HP DeskJet 400 Printer Repair Sheet

Appendix A HP PCL Printer Commands and Control Codes
HP PCL Printer Command Summary
Control Codes


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  tanveer haider 2004-10-22 11:15:44  
  i need services manual all canon product. I need strat new workshop, there i always services & repair canon copier
  miguel toro 2007-06-12 16:10:01  
  por favor necesito resetear las fechas de la epson cx3900 para que me reciba el sistema de tinta continua. por favor ustedes tienen la informacion de como hacerlo cordialmente miguel angel toro jaramillo bucaramanga colombia
  joe sanabria 2012-08-25 17:53:40  
  I purchased one of your keys and ran the software on the Epson Artisan 1430. It worked great, I now have a working printer. You spared me the expense of having to replace my printer. I can\'t thank you enough for your service. I have several other printers that at some point will be in need of your software as well. When the time comes I will call on your services again. Thank you so much!
  Peter Sam 2009-08-11 11:18:28  
  Thank you so much for prompt reply. The program I received from you works fine. I have resetted 4 printers already! that is what I need. Peter.
  ismail poongadan 2013-03-03 23:40:42  
  Dear We are the one of the provider for CISS system for EPSON CISS , recently we have some service request for our valuable costomers We need the Ink Pad reset Reset solution for EPSON T50/P50 5* Nos EPSON CX9300F * 5 Nos as trial order Please advice me ,is i t get by TT payment , then We can sent is aginst your PI
  asep dadang 2010-05-01 21:55:47  
  Thank you for service manual TX111.
  yrosci yrosci 2013-03-03 20:26:02  
  se avete problemi con l'esaurimento dei tamponi e la vostra stampante vi dice che è arrivata al termine ,non disperatevi con questo programmino potete azzerare i contatori che registrano le vostre pulizie e quando siete arrivati al 100% la stampante non va più quindi scaricate il Wic Reset ,istallatelo e comprate la chiave che viene 9,9 dollari inseritela nel programmino e la vostra stampante ritorna come nuova.
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