DeskJet 2500 Series Printer Service Manual

DeskJet 2500 Series Printer Service Manual
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DeskJet 2500 Series Printer Service Manual

This guide is designed as a reference for people who provide post-sale technical support to end-users of
the HP DeskJet 2500 Series Printer.


Chapter 1 Product Information
Technology Update.
Modular Ink Delivery System
Data Sheet
Cable Specifications
Reliability Specifications
Interface Specifications
Physical Specifications
Packaging Dimensions Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Environmental Specifications
Product Certifications
Media Sizes Supported
Recommended Media Weight
Paper Handling
Printable Area
Media Margins
Hewlett-Packard Ink Cartridge Specifications
System Requirement
Product Overview
Printer External View
Model and Serial Number
Supplies and Accessories
Product Structure
Power Cord
Network Interface
Print Cartridge
Other Accessories
Replaceable Parts
Warranty and Support
Hewlett-Packard Limited Warranty Statement
Extent of Limited Warranty
Limitations of Warranty
Limitations of Liability
Obtaining Printer Drivers
Service Support Contracts.
Service and Support Resource
Worldwide Customer Support Numbers

Chapter 2 Operating Overview
Using the Control Panel
Control Panel Layout
Indicator Lights
Settings and Defaults
Restoring Factory Defaults
Control Panel Menus
Paper Handling Menu
Diagnostics Menu
Information Menu
Self-Test Menu
Print Quality Menu.
Printing Menu
I/O Menu
Resets Menu
Configuration Menu
MIO Menu
Aligning Printheads
Printhead Diagnostic Process
Error Codes
Recoverable Error Codes
Unrecoverable Codes
Printer Diagnostic Pages
Diagnostic Page
Extended Diagnostic Page

Chapter 3 Loading Paper and Paper Behavior
Loading the Trays
Loading Commonly-Used Media in Tray 2
Loading Commonly Used Media in Tray 3
Loading Paper in Tray1
Loading Paper through the Rear Manual Feed
Paper Behavior
Print Job Selected Tray 2
Print Job Selected Tray 3
Print Job Selected Autoselect
Print Job Selected Manual Feed
Unexpected Paper Size
Printer is Idle
Printer is Printing from Tray 1 or Tray 2
Printer is Printing from Tray 3
Paper Jam at Output Bin During Paper Loading
Paper Jam at Output Bin During Printing
Paper Jam Internal During Paper Loading

Chapter 4 Install / Uninstall
Installing Printer Software from CD
Installing PCL Software from CD in Windows
Installing PCL Software from Floppy Diskettes in Windows
Installing PostScript Software in Macintosh
Installing PostScript Software in Windows
Uninstalling Printer Software
For Windows 3x
For Windows 95 / 98 / NT4
Copy Printer Software from CD to Disk or Server

Chapter 5 Maintenance and Ink Cartridge Safety
Cleaning the Printer and Accessories
Cleaning Spilled Ink
Ink Cartridge Safety
For HP No0 Color/Black Ink Cartridges
For Service Station Assembly
Potential Health Effects
First Aid Measures
Note to Physician
Handling Precautions
Additional Information
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Chapter 6 Functional Overview
Writing System
Part Numbers
Ink Cartridge and Printhead Specifications
Thermal InkJet Technology
Paper Paths and Components
Output Management
Output Mechanism
Swivel PCA
Dual Bin Pick and Feed Mechanism
HP 2500C Electronics.
HP 2500C PCA Overview
Motor Control Overview
Physical Layer
Data Link Layer
Application Layer
Interface with Mechanism
Interface with Key Panel

Chapter 7 Removal and Replacement of Parts (without Calibration)
Removal and Replacement Tools
Before You Begin
Important Notes about Printer Components and Disassembly
Replacement of Parts
Removing the PCA
Installing the PCA
Removing the Service Station
Installing the Service Stations
Removing the LED PCA
Installing the LED PCA
Removing the LCD Panel
Installing the LCD Panel
Removing the Power Knob
Installing the Power Knob
Removing the Power Supply
Installing the Power Supply
Removing the MIDS
Installing the MIDS
Removing the Ink Supply System
Installing the Ink Supply System
Removing the Main Case
Installing the Main Case
Removing the Paper Knob
Installing the Paper Knob
Removing the Fan
Installing the Fan
Removing the Carriage Motor
Installing the Carriage Motor
Removing the Assembly Harness Cover
Installing the Assembly Harness Cover
Removing the Rear Door
Installing the Rear Door
Removing the Encoder Strip
Installing the Encoder Strip
Removing the Primary Star Wheel
Installing the Primary Star Wheel
Removing the Secondary Star Wheel
Installing the Secondary Star Wheel
Removing the Rubber Foot
Installing the Rubber Foot
Removing the Absorbers
Installing the Absorbers

Chapter 8 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Concepts
Standard Procedures
No Power
Unrecoverable Error Messages
Print Quality
Broken or Missing Parts
No Pick or Multiple Pick or Other Mechanism Problems
Troubleshooting Tools

Chapter 9 Parts and Diagrams
Parts List
Parts Leveraged form HP2000C (C4503A)
Exploded Views

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