NP 6621 Copier
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NP 6621 Copier<br> Service Manual
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This Service Manual provides basic facts and figures you will need to service the plain paper copier NP6621 in the field.
The NP6621 is designed to enable automated copying work and may be configured with the following accessory; for servicing information on the sorter, ADF, and control card, see their respective Service Manuals:
1. Cassette Feeding Module-B2
2. Cassette Feeding Module-A2
3. Cassette Feeding Unit-K1
4. Paper Deck Pedestal-K1
5. Control Card IV N
6. ADF-E1
7. RDF-F1
8. Stapler Sorter-D1
9. Sorter 10-B1
10. Remote Diagnostic Device II

This Service Manual contains descriptions on the 1-Cassette Feeding Unit-B1 and the 2-Cassette Feeding

The Cassette Feeding Unit-B2, the Cassette Feeding Unit-A2 the cassette feeding Unit K1, the Paper Deck Pedestal-K1 and Remote Diagnostic Device II may not be available for sale in some areas.

This Service Manual is organized as follows:

“General Introduction,” explains the NP6621’s features, specifications, and step-by-step instructions on how to operate the copier.

“Copying Processes,” shows how the NP6621 generates copies while discussing each of the steps involved.

“Operations and Timing,” explains the NP6621’s mechanical system by function and principles behind its electrical system in relation to timing of each operation.

“Mechanical System,” provides instructions on how to disassemble/assemble and adjust the NP6621.

“Installation,” provides points to note when selecting the site of installation and instructions on how to install the NP6621.

‘Maintenance and Inspection,” gives tables of periodically replaced parts and consumables/durables as well as a scheduled servicing chart.

APPENDIX contains a general timing chart, general circuit diagrams, and PCB diagrams.

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  Alvin Brown 2020-10-26 01:45:31  
  Absolutely fantastic. I got the error message and removed the ink pads ans washed them, don't think I got all the ink out though! Then I used this program as a 'trial' and it worked wonderfully, Printing all OK again and I thought I would need to buy a new printer. When it happens again, I will purchase new pads and a reset key - has to be cheaper than a visit to a repair shop or a new printer. Thank you so much
  Kai Müller 2020-06-01 18:08:33  
  WOW - WOW + WOW using your service since 2012 with 2 EPSON printers and CISS: PX 720 WD and XP 960 never had any real problems kisses for the ciss (as girl that I'm not) so what Everything works very fine - all one has to do is watch for pressure within inks - system Ciss saved a lot of money printing thouseands of hires fotos your service + team is excellent !!!!!!!!! Didn't EPSON learn from you - now they are selling printers with build - in CISS So YOU should get monex from EPSON !!!!!!!! The best of course is resetting the counters Go on like this
  ed dy 2007-06-15 00:30:52  
  Canon service manual for iP1200, ip1600 worked out fine!!
  Narayan Chakra Borty 2010-09-18 12:22:25  
  Dear sir plz help for Epson T60 Service Adjustment Program FULL Working New! plz confirum t50 t59 service adjustment program work for t60?
  Schaun Smuts 2015-10-23 11:16:13  
  I was amazed how easy that was. I was in doubt that this simple download would work... with my heart racing!

I entered the key,and there it was, all fixed.

2manuals, I must say, what you said it would do, it did, and I\'m so relieved and happy, and can work again.

The success of this has made me want to write a review on your product right away.

Thank you so much

Robert Dorsey President/CEO Cabin Watch Fine Time Wear
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