CANON MP990 Service Manual

CANON MP990 Service Manual
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This service manual provides basic information required for performing Canon MP990 field service to maintain the product quality and functions of machine.


1-1. Adjustment, Periodic Maintenance, Periodic Replacement Parts, and Replacement Consumables by Service Engineer
1-2. Customer Maintenance
1-3. Special Tools
1-4. Sensors
1-5. Serial Number Location

2-1. Operator Call Errors
2-2. Service Call Errors
2-3. Troubleshooting by Symptom

3-1. Major Replacement Parts
3-2. Part Replacement Procedures
(1) External housing removal
(2) Cable wiring and connection
(3) Emblem removal
(4) Carriage unlocking
(5) ASF unit removal
(6) Right chassis removal
(7) Carriage unit removal
(8) Spur unit and platen unit removal
(9) Purge drive system unit (right plate) and switch system unit (left plate) removal
(10) Engine unit reassembly
(11) Ink absorber replacement

4-1. User Mode
4-2. Service Mode
(1) Service mode operation procedures
(2) Service Tool functions
(3) LF / Eject correction
(4) Button and LCD test
(5) Ink absorber counter setting MP560
4-3. Grease Application
4-4. Special Notes on Servicing
(1) Print head problem
(2) Paper feed motor adjustment
(3) Carriage unit replacement
(4) Document pressure sheet (sponge sheet) replacement
(5) Ink absorber counter setting
4-5. Verification After Repair
(1) Standard inspection flow
(2) Service test print
(3) Ink absorber counter value print


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  Gilang indonesianus 2006-08-30 13:40:48  
  i need refurbished software & adjusment service for my epson c67 stylus series !thanks my e_mail
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  thank you for your information,that very help me. Can i buy about five key reset? and if i save all key reset for along time, for some day i use if i need, are the all key can use and thats working? i'm sory if my english is not good!!
  sabur khan 2007-07-25 00:17:39  
  I using the epson r350 printer, so in this time my printer required service. Iwant to purchise the utility service version 13, but have not c/card. please inform me to what can we do
  fred perry 2010-07-30 17:24:22  
  Thank you for such complete service manual. I am service engeneer.
  Mahendrakumar Tak 2017-02-27 10:43:04  
  Amazing Support, This is what happened, I had to think for more than 4 hours about the purchase and program authenticity. Finally decided to gamble, Registration 1 min Payment instant Call Back in 1 min Mail with key check 2 min Input key in WIC and reset 1 min VOILLA!!! Printer was ALIVE..Again.... Was an amazing purchase. P.S. I do not post reviews for any purchases made unless they are a real pain in the ..., or unless the product is amazing.
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