AcuLaser Color 2000 Printer
Service Manual

AcuLaser Color 2000 Printer<br> Service Manual
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This manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of EPSON AcuLaser Color 2000. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the
precautions on the preceding page

The chapters are organized as follows:

Provides a general overview and specifications of the product

Describes the theory of electrical and mechanical operations of the product

Provides the step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting

Describes the step-by-step procedures for disassembling and assembling the product

No adjustment is required for this product

Provides preventive maintenance procedures for servicing the product

Provides the following additional information for reference:
-MCU Internal Connection Diagram
-Component Layout
-Exploded Diagram
-Circuit Diagram


Chapter 1 Product Descriptions
1.1 Overview
1.2 Controller Unit Specifications
1.2.1 Controller Basic Specifications
1.2.2 Engine Specifications
1.2.3 Process Specification
1.2.4 Paper Specification
1.2.5 Sensors
1.2.6 Reliability, Durability, Serviceability
1.2.7 Operating Conditions (Including Consumables)
1.2.8 Storage and Transport Environments (Including Consumables)
1.2.9 Electrical Characteristics
1.2.10 Applicable Standards and Regulations
1.2.11 Consumable Specifications Developer cartridges Photoconductor kit Waste Toner Collector Fuser Kit Transfer Belt Unit
1.3 Interface Specifications
1.3.1 Parallel Interface Specifications
1.3.2 Ethernet Interface Specifications
1.3.3 Optional Interface Specifications
1.4 Control Panel
1.4.1 Exterior View and Names LED Description
1.4.2 Button Functions
1.4.3 One Touch Setting Modes
1.4.4 Panel Setting Item List
1.4.5 Explanation of Each Setting Menu and Items Printing Menu Tray Menu Config Menu Setup Menu Maintenance Menu
1.4.6 Service Operations
1.5 About RAM Expansion
1.6 Engine Restrictions
1.6.1 Restriction on Printing Speed Toner Duty Restrictions
1.7 Handling Precautions
1.7.1 Caution when there is a Power Failure
1.7.2 Caution Regarding High Temperature Parts

Chapter 2 Operating Principles
2.1 Mechanism Overview
2.1.1 Gear Roller Arrangement
2.2 Printing Process
2.2.1 Paper Feed Mechanism Tray 1 Tray 2 (Cassette 1) Tray 3 (Cassette 2) Timing Roller
2.2.2 Charging Process
2.2.3 Exposure Process
2.2.4 Development Process Toner Cartridge Rack Toner Cartridge Names of Unit Contacting Terminals
2.2.5 Transfer Process Mid-Transfer Belt Unit Mid-Transfer Paper Transfer
2.2.6 Waste Toner Bottle
2.2.7 Suction Process
2.2.8 Fusing Process Fusing Unit Fusing Temperature Control Fusing Oil Roll
2.2.9 Paper Eject Process Duplex Unit (option)
2.3 Controller Board (C314MAIN) Operating Principles
2.3.1 Specification

Chapter 3 Troubleshooting
3.1 Troubleshooting Method
3.1.1 Troubleshooting Procedure
3.1.2 Power is not Applied
3.1.3 Self Check Function
3.2 Printer Message Messages
3.2.1 Printer Message Details of Status Messages and Remedies
3.2.2 Details of Error Messages and Remedies
3.2.3 Details of Warning Messages and Remedies
3.2.4 .Service Call Error Messages 102 Engine Related Service Call Error Messages Engine Related Service Call Error Troubleshooting Controller Related Service Call Error Messages
3.3 Image Quality Troubleshooting

Chapter 4 Disassembly and Assembly
4.1 Overview
4.1.1 Cautions
4.1.2 Service Tools
4.1.3 Screws, Small Parts
4.1.4 Fuses
4.2 Disassembling Procedure
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Before Disassembling the Printer
4.2.3 Outer Cover Removal Front Cover Removal Operation Panel Removal Front Inner Cover Removal Top Cover Removal Left Cover Removal Rear Controller Cover Removal Rear Cover Removal Rear Right Cover Removal Left Rear Cover Removal Rear Left Cover Removal
4.2.4 C314MAIN Board C314MAIN Board Removal Controller Box Removal
4.2.5 MCU (PWB-A Board) Removal
4.2.6 PU1 (Power Supply Board) Removal
4.2.7 High Voltage Board (HV1, HV2) Removal HV1 (High Voltage Board) Removal HV2 (High Voltage Board) Removal
4.2.8 Fusing Motor Removal
4.2.9 Transfer Motor Removal PU1 Support Plate Removal Transfer Motor Removal
4.2.10 Fusing Pressure Motor Removal
4.2.11 Fan Motor Removal Power Supply Fan Motor Removal Fusing Fan Motor Removal Transfer Belt Fan Motor Removal Cooling Fan Motor Removal
4.2.12 Laser Safety Switch (CDRH-SW) Removal
4.2.13 Waste Toner Full Sensor Removal
4.2.14 MP Tray Paper Load Paper Load Cover Removal MP Tray Paper Load Solenoid Removal
4.2.15 MP Tray Paper Load Unit Front Bearing for the MP Tray Paper Load Unit Removal 134 MP Tray Paper Load Unit Removal
4.2.16 Paper Cassette Paper Size Switch Removal Paper Near Empty Sensor Removal Cassette Paper Load Solenoid Removal
4.2.17 Transfer Mechanism Timing Roller Solenoid Removal Middle Roller Solenoid Removal Lower Paper Load Guide Removal Timing Sensor Removal
4.2.18 OHP Sensor Removal
4.2.19 Developer Mechanism Toner Empty Sensor Removal Front Side Rack Bearing Removal Rack Lock Lever Removal Rack Black Position Sensor Removal Developer Motor Assy. Removal Rear Rack Bearing Removal Rack Removal
4.2.20 PH (Print Head) Mechanism PH Connector Removal PH Cover Removal PH Removal
4.2.21 Transfer Mechanism Transfer Roller Pressure Solenoid Removal Transfer Roller Pressure Sensor Removal Suction Fan Motor Removal Middle Paper Sensor Removal
4.2.22 Belt Cleaner Mechanism Left Upper Support Plate Removal Left Frame Plate Removal Belt Cleaner Estrangement Position Sensor Removal .47 PWB-I (Belt Cleaner Control Board) Removal
4.2.23 Fusing Mechanism Pressure Roller Estrangement Sensor Removal
4.2.24 Paper Eject Mechanism Paper Eject Sensor Removal
4.2.25 Rack Motor Assy Power Switch Removal Rack Motor Assy. Removal
4.2.26 Duplex Unit Duplex Paper Feed Sensor Removal Duplex Unit Board Cover Removal Duplex Unit Board (PWB-AD) Removal Motor Cover Removal Motor Plate Removal Reverse Motor Removal Duplex Paper Load Motor Removal
4.3 MCU Firmware Update
4.3.1 Tools Update Method
4.3.2 Error Indication and Remedies Caution when Error is occurred
4.4 Program ROM Update
4.4.1 Program ROM Update Error Indication and Remedies
4.4.2 DIMM Module Copy

Chapter 5 Adjustment
5.1 Adjustment

Chapter 6 Maintenance
6.1 Maintenance
6.1.1 Replacement Parts
6.1.2 Cleaning

Chapter 7 Appendix
7.1 Overview
7.1.1 MCU Internal Connection Diagram
7.2 Component Layout
7.3 Exploded Diagram
7.4 Parts List
7.5 Circuit Diagram .

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ZIP archive: 3 812 kB

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  Malcolm Mackenzie 2013-02-10 15:09:20  
  Worked a treat - tried other utilities without success Thank you
  Sabrina Mandelli 2019-09-20 10:56:10  
  Thank you, thank you...counter resetted...woww...thank you so much!!!!!Sabrina
  Krzysztof Luczak 2016-07-25 04:01:38  
  And after proceeding the counter reset my Epson printer works fine! So thank you very much for your very good service. Many greetings from Germany
  Elvir Bafto 2010-08-26 01:17:35  
  Just bought reset key for Epson Photo 1410 with CIS system. Tested works fantastic best $10 bucks spent. Highly Recomended Product.
  cruz daniel 2008-01-23 09:12:26  
  hola nesecito este programa para resetear la impresora epson c92
  victor zarate 2020-12-25 04:58:40  
  well pleased making my epson w-2860 chipless . the ink levels remain 100 % full i have a ciss system so i always have more ink than printer knows longer the ritual of going through the motions of changing the cartridge when theres tons really being fed into the cartridges
  JAMAL HASJIM 2019-04-17 18:36:17  
  Ich bin begeistert! Mit dem TRIAL Key konnte ich meinen Epson XP 750 wieder resetten und er funktioniert wieder. Vielen Dank, dass ich mir dadurch das Geld für einen neuen Drucker sparen konnte und ein Drucker weniger die Umwelt belastet. War nur etwas anstrengend, die englischen Anweisungen zu lesen und zu übersetzen. Es wäre schön, wenn es diese Seite auch auf Deutsch gäbe.
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