Canon General Tool for iP1500

<b>Canon General Tool</b> for   iP1500
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Canon General Tool T3162 Ver 1.18 for Canon iP1500 printer model
To reset waste ink absorber counters you have to use this General Tool for iP1500 exactly BUT you have to put the printer in Service Mode:

1. Order and DOWNLOAD General Tool
2. Unzip downloaded file by WinZip.
3. Install printer drivers and set printer as a default printer in the system.
4. Connect the printer by USB cable.
5. Unplug the printer power cable.
6. Press and hold power button and connect the power cable.
7. While holding power button wait until Power indicator will come ON and press Resume button twice. Release all buttons. The indicator will flash few times and come to constant green light
If you have not constant green light but flashing green or orange lights - that means you have other printer errors. You have to fix them first! If you have not fixed them - you will be not able to reset the waste ink counter!
The printer is now in Service Mode and you can now run the program and reset the waste ink counter.

8. Run General Tool under Windows XP
9. Check and select the connected USB port number from USB PORT
10. In CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER, select MAIN or PLATEN. The selected waste ink counter will be reset. MAIN resets the main waste ink counter, PLATEN resets the platen waste ink counter.
If both the main and platen waste ink absorbers are replaced, reset both the main and platen waste ink counters.
11. Close the program and power off the printer.

General Tool for iP1500

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  Fernando Fernando 2008-03-08 09:09:51  
  waiting waiting waiting waiting
  asep dadang 2010-05-01 21:55:47  
  Thank you for service manual TX111.
  Lloyd Robinson 2016-01-21 23:35:21  
  Could you please add reset for printers for the last Canon cartridges like PG545 and CL546, please? We have about 100 printers with full waste ink counter. Thank you.
  Ivan Tilbury 2015-09-08 06:01:35  
  I purchased the epson adjustment program last night and got to work on it today.
I had a clog in C and it would not clear. I ve had my 4900 for over 2 years and have been able to handle them until now.
I learned about this site from another site that has cleaner for the 4900 and said I need to buy this software first. I bought it and tried it with the epson ink that was in my printer. I ran the adjustment and it cleared C but then there were other clogs. Because they werent clogged before I started, I cleared them the normal way through the printers options. Had they not cleared, I would have ran the adjustment again.
I had tried everything to get C to clear for a week and this program did it in one try!

I would highly recommend this for clearing a stubborn clog. And now it is in my arsenal if I get another one that I cant clear down the road. By the way, it does not work if your printer is networked. Mine was so I had to move a computer into the room with my printer, directly connect to it and install the drivers. Then it work fine.
If you got a clog that you cant fix, just buy it.
  Ken Friar 2011-04-26 12:20:10  
  Fantastic, worked first time, well done guys a really excellent job. Ken friar
  paulo ishikawa 2014-12-28 09:00:00  
  tnx so much! =) i just reset my epson L1300, it only took 1-2mins and my printer is now back online
  Jan Erik Wold 2011-10-30 17:30:00  
  Excellent software my Epson PX700W reset works as a charm, with the MAC tools Thanks Jan Erik
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