Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 Printers
Service Manual and Parts List

Epson <b>Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290</b> Printers<br> Service Manual and Parts List
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Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 sevice manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of EPSON Stylus PHOTO 890/1280/1290. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page.

The chapters are organized as follows:

CHAPTER 1. Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS

Provides a general overview and specifications of the product

CHAPTER 2. Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 OPERATING PRINCIPLES
Describes the theory of electrical and mechanical operations of the product

CHAPTER 3. Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 TROUBLESHOOTING
Provides the step-by-step procedures for troubleshooting

CHAPTER 4. Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY
Describes the step-by-step procedures for disassembling and assembling the product

CHAPTER 5. Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 ADJUSTMENTS
Provides Epson-approved methods for adjustment

CHAPTER 6. Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 MAINTENANCE
Provides preventive maintenance procedures and the lists of Epson-approved lubricants and adhesives required for servicing the product

Provides the following additional information for reference:
• EEPROM Address Map
• Connector Pin Assignments
• Component Layout
• Exploded Diagrams
• Electrical Board Circuit Diagrams


Chapter 1 Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS
1.1 Overview
1.1.1 Features
1.1.2 Accessories, Consumable Products, and Options
1.2 Basic Specifications
1.2.1 Printing Specification
1.2.2 Control Code
1.2.3 Paper Feeding
1.2.4 Input Data Buffer
1.2.5 Paper Specifications EPSON Special Media
1.2.6 Printing Area Cut Sheet Envelopes
1.2.7 Adjust Lever
1.2.8 Ink Cartridge
1.2.9 Electric Specification
1.2.10 Reliability
1.2.11 Environmental Condition
1.3 Interface
1.3.1 Parallel Interface (Forward Channel)
1.3.2 Parallel Interface (Reserve Channel)
1.3.3 USB Interface
1.3.4 Prevention of Data Transfer Time-out
1.3.5 Interface Selection
1.3.6 IEEE1284.4 Protocol
1.4 Operations
1.4.1 Buttons
1.4.2 Indicators
1.4.3 Panel Functions
1.4.4 Special Setting Mode
1.4.5 Printer Initialization
1.4.6 Initialization Value
1.5 Dimension

Chapter 2 Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 OPERATING PRINCIPLES
2.1 Overview
2.1.1 Printhead Mechanism
2.1.2 Carriage Mechanism Carriage Motor (CR Motor) Platen Gap (PG) /Parallelism Adjustment Mechanism Carriage Home Position (HP) Detection
2.1.3 Paper Feeding Mechanism CR Lock Mechanism
2.1.4 Paper Loading Mechanism Drive Transmission to the ASF Unit Paper Loading Operation Pump Mechanism Capping Mechanism
2.2 Electrical Circuit Operating Principles
2.2.1 C378PSB/PSE Board Electrical Circuit Protection Circuits Power Supply Control Function Energy Save Mode
2.2.2 C393MAIN Board Circuit Operation Principles Printhead Driver Circuit RTC (Real Time Clock)/ Reset/ EEPROM Circuit Motor Driver Circuit ASF/Pump Motor Driver Circuit Sensor Circuit

Chapter 3 Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 TROUBLESHOOTING
3.1 Overview
3.1.1 Self-Diagnostic Function Troubleshooting with LED Error Indicators Error Conditions Remedies for Paper Out Error Remedies for the Paper Jam Error Remedies for No Ink Cartridge Error/Ink Cartridge Problem Remedies for Maintenance Request Error Remedies for Fatal Error
3.1.2 Isolating the Faulty Part on the Power Supply Board
3.1.3 Isolating the Faulty Part according to the Phenomenon

Chapter 4 Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY
4.1 Overview
4.1.1 Precaution for Disassembling the Printer
4.1.2 Tools
4.1.3 Specifications for Screws
4.1.4 Service Checks After Repair
4.2 Disassembly Procedures
4.2.1 HOUSING Removal
4.2.2 Circuit Board Assembly Removal
4.2.3 Panel Unit Removal
4.2.4 Printhead Unit Removal
4.2.6 Ink Unit Removal
4.2.7 MOTOR ASSEMBLY, CR Removal
4.2.9 DE Unit Removal
4.2.11 Carriage Unit Removal
4.2.13 ROLLER, PF Removal SCALE, PF Installation
4.2.14 MOTOR ASSEMBLY, PF Removal
4.2.15 PE Sensor Unit Removal

Chapter 5 Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 ADJUSTMENT
5.1 Overview
5.1.1 Adjustment Items
5.1.2 Adjustment Tools
5.2 Adjustment
5.2.1 Parallelism Adjustment Using PG Adjustment Tool Using Thickness Gauge
5.2.2 Backlash Adjsutment
5.2.3 Adjustment Program Feature How to Install the Program How to Uninstall the Program
5.2.4 Starting the Service Program Adjusting Program Initial Setting
5.3 Individual Adjustment Program
5.3.1 Head ID Head ID Input Head ID Check
5.3.2 Bi-Directional Adjustment Input Bi-D Adjustment Value Check Present Adjustment Data
5.3.3 Input/Check USB ID Input USB ID Check USB ID
5.3.4 Maintenance Head Cleaning Operation
5.3.5 Ink Charge Operation
5.3.6 Refurbishment for DOA
5.3.7 Protection Counter Check the Present Counter Value Clear the Protection Counter Value
5.3.8 Appendix Items CSIC Information EEPROM Data Check Changing EEPROM Data
5.3.9 A4 Check Pattern Printing
5.4 Sequential Repair Adjustment Program
5.4.1 Function How to start the program Printhead Removal Printhead Replacement Main Board Replacement Carriage Unit Replacement/ Removal CR Motor Replacement Printer Mechanism Replacement Waste Ink Pad Replacement Clogged Nozzle Recovery

Chapter 6 Epson Stylus Photo 890, 1280, 1290 MAINTENANCE
6.1 Overview
6.1.1 Cleaning
6.1.2 Service Maintenance Head Cleaning Maintenance Request Error Clear
6.1.3 Lubrication

Chapter 7 APPENDIX
7.1 Connector Summary
7.1.1 Connector Alignment
7.1.2 Connector Pin Assignment
7.1.3 EEPROM Address Map
7.2 Circuit Board Component Layout
7.3 Electrical Circuit Board Diagrams
7.4 Exploded Diagrams
7.4.1 Exploded Diagrams for Stylus PHOTO 890
7.4.2 Exploded Diagrams for Stylus PHOTO 1290
7.5 Parts List
7.5.1 Parts List for Stylus PHOTO 890
7.5.2 Parts List for Stylus PHOTO 1290

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  Art Fix 2011-06-06 09:34:43  
  My Epson 1280 started getting the dreaded flashing panel lights. The printer quit working all together. I found on the web, that the cause was the ink waste counter had topped out and the printer required service to reset the counter. Then I found this site and downloaded the manual and the service application. Ran the program and quickly reset the counter now all is well again! Worked like a dream. Thank you! Art @
  Steve Goodey 2004-05-02 04:51:15  
  I was a bit dubious about buying and downloading manual, never having used this site before, but I'm glad I did. With it I was able to sort a problem on my printer. Without it I wouldn't have known where to start. Thank you. Steve Goodey.
  Ruth Mason 2006-09-19 06:57:12  
  It worked fine. It was just that we didn't know where to start with opening the program. I couldn't get it to install so there was an icon that took us into the whole program. I found out that if I clicked on the one icon it opened the one we needed. The service manual will be of great help for later when the ink absorption pad needs changing. Thanks for your prompt attention. Regards, Ruth
  linda rotgans 2012-07-18 18:49:33  
  All I can say is thank you so much for saving my printer. I changed the ink pads ( very simple task ) and used the Epson Reset. My printer still did not work and I was devastated. I spent MANY hours online researching the problem ( Epson was absoutely no help at all ) and finally came across your product. I used your program to reset the ink pad counter and it reset the counter as advertised. After I restarted the printer It would not do anything. I uninstalled all of the Epson software and reinstalled with the original disk that came with the printer. AWESOME a new printer!!! I can not tell you how much i appreciate your product! I thought I was buying one of the best printers on the market at that time and I am really TICKED off at Epson for building in an unnessisary self destruct. I had purchased every upgrade for my printer Epson offered and was determined to get it working again and you did that for me. THANK YOU !!!!
  Nancy Ludwig 2018-02-14 18:48:52  
  Epson has a new printer. XP-15000. It would be good if we could reset the waste ink for it.
  Andr1212 Sam 2009-08-29 12:14:11  
  I ordered from you the service manual for my R2880 printer which showed me that I needed the adjustment program which I also ordered and now my printer operates correctly again!!! Thanks
  Alexandre Crivelaro 2018-05-22 20:31:19  
  I bought refillable cartridges for the Epson XP-241 on AliExpress and did not work. The reason: Epson XP-241 manufactured in the Philippines. I was desperate. The solution: CHIPLESS. You've saved my XP-241 printer. Thank you very much.
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