Stylus Pro 5000 RIP Station
Service Guide

Stylus Pro 5000 RIP Station<br> Service Guide
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This guide is divided into the following sections:

• “Preface”
Gives general information about this guide and about installing the RIP Station 5000.

• Chapter 1, “Introduction”
Provides general information about the RIP Station 5000.

• Chapter 2, “Preparing for Installation”
Describes unpacking and the steps you need to take before you install the unit.

• Chapter 3, “Connecting the RIP Station 5000”
Describes how to connect the RIP Station 5000 to the printer and the network and verify that the system is working correctly. This chapter also gives an overview of the Control Panel.

• Chapter 4, “Service Procedures”
Describes removal and replacement procedures for RIP Station 5000 components.

• Chapter 5, “Troubleshooting Procedures”
Identifies the source of common problems and suggests ways of correcting them.

Chapter 1: Introduction
How the RIP Station 5000 operates
Print options
Remote utility software
User Software CD
Fiery WebTools

Chapter 2: Preparing for Installation
The installation sequence
Checking the customer site
Setting customer expectations
Unpacking the RIP Station 5000
RIP Station 5000 front and back panels

Chapter 3: Connecting the RIP Station 5000
Preliminary checkout
Connecting to the printer
Printing the RIP Station 5000 Test Page
Connecting to the network
Connecting a PC-compatible to the parallel port
Using the Control Panel
Activity light
Screens and icons
Shutting down and restarting the RIP Station 5000

Chapter 4: Service Procedures
Accessing internal components
Checking internal connections
Restoring functionality after service
Removing and replacing circuit boards
User interface board
Power switch
Power supply
Checking voltages
Hard disk drive
Front panel components
System Software Kit
Using the SCSI port 3
Using the parallel port
Software not authorized screen 4

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Procedures
The troubleshooting process
Where problems occur
Before you go to the customer site
Preliminary on-site checkout
Checking the interface cables
Checking the internal components
Checking the RIP Station 5000 as a stand-alone unit
Isolating the RIP Station 5000
Errors during the Start-up diagnostics
General RIP Station 5000 system error conditions
RIP Station 5000’s diagnostic sets
Start-up diagnostics
Viewing the diagnostic report
Checking the entire RIP Station 5000 system
Checking the printer interface
Checking network connections
Printing to the RIP Station 5000

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