Stylus Pro 7500 Printer Service Manual

Stylus Pro 7500 Printer Service Manual
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This manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of EPSON EPSON Stylus PRO 7500. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions
on the preceding page

Want to reset waste ink counter?

"When the remaining capacity reaches less than 1%, the message “Maintenance Call 0100” is generated. When the remaining capacity becomes 0, the message “Service Call 00000100” is generated. after replacing the waste ink pad and other parts included in the Maintenance Kit Stylus Pro 7500, clear the counter in Maintenance Mode 2" - from Service Manual."

So, to clear Waste Ink Counters you have to enter Service Mode 2
This is described in 1.6.8 Maintenance Mode 2 of the Service Manual



Provides a general overview and specifications of the product

Describes the theory of electrical and mechanical operations of the product

Provides the step-by-step procedures for the troubleshooting

Describes the step-by-step procedures for disassembling and assembling the product

Provides Epson-approved methods for adjustment

Provides preventive maintenance procedures and the lists of Epson-approved lubricants and adhesives
required for servicing the product

Provides the following additional information for reference:
- Connector pin assignments
- Parts list
- Electric circuit boards components layout
- Exploded diagram
- Electrical circuit boards schematics


Consumable Products & Options
Print Specifications
Printing Specifications
Character Specifications
Paper Feeding
Ink (Dye Ink Cartridge)
Electrical Specifications
Conformity/Safety Approvals
Environmental Conditions
Controller Specifications
Cutting Specifications
External Dimensions / Installation Environment / Weight
Parallel Interface
Compatibility mode
Nibble Mode
ECP Mode
USB Interface
TYPE-B Optional Type B Interface
Supplementary Items
Receiving Buffer Operation
Interface Selection
Control Panel
LED Indicators
Panel Display
Panel Setting Menu
Printer Setting Menus
Test Print Menu
Printer Status Menu
User Paper Setting Menu
Cutter Replacement Menu
HEX Dump
Panel Display Language Selection
M/W Mode Setting
Maintenance Mode 2
Ink Cartridge Size Select
Inter-User Transport Mode
Firmware Reload
Model Name Change Mode
Self-diagnostic Function Mode
Jumper Settings
Maintenance/ Service Calls
Maintenance Call
Service Call

Operating Principles
Component List & Illustrations
Print Mechanism Components
Carriage (CR) Mechanism
Carriage Moving Unit
Platen Gap Adjustment Unit
Paper Feed Assembly
Cleaning Mechanism
Ink Supply Mechanism
Cover Sensor
Circuit Board Placement
Control Circuit (C299MAIN Board) Outline
Power Supply Board Summary

Troubleshooting Practice
Troubleshooting Based on Error Display
Fatal Errors
Errors That Require a Service Technician
Maintenance Call 0100
Service Call 00000100
Service Call 00000101
Service Call 00010000
Service Call 00010001
Service Call 00010002
Service Call 00010003
Service Call 00010004
Service Call 00010005
Service Call 00010006
Service Call 00010007
Service Call 00010008
Service Call 00010009
Service Call 0001000A
Service Call 0001000C
Service Call 0001000D
Service Call 0001000E
Service Call 0001000F
Service Call 00010010
Service Call 00020000 (NVRAM error)
Service Call 00020001 (Internal RAM error)
Service Call 00020002 (SRAM error)
Service Call 00020003 (DRAM error)
Service Call 10000004
(CPU Vector 4 / General improper command issued)
Service Call 10000006
(CPU Vector 6 / Slot improper command)
Service Call 10000009
(CPU Vector 9 / CPU address error)
Service Call 1000000A
(CPU Vector 10 / DMAC/DTC address error)
Service Call 1000000B
(CPU Vector 11 / WD timer out error)
Service Call 10000 ** (CPU Vector 32 ~ 63) 92
Troubleshooting Based on Your Printout
Dot Missing
Uneven Printing/Poor Resolution
Smudged or Marred Printout (Front)
Smudged or Marred Printout (Reverse side)
White or Black Banding

Disassembly & Assembly
Screw List
Disassembly Flow
Removing the Housing
Circuit Board Removal
Removing the Cooling Fan
Disconnect the AC inlet
Changing the C299MAIN Board DIP-SW Settings
Printer Mechanism Disassembly
Conversion Kit Assembly Procedure
Preparation before assembly
Ink Discharge Procedure
Conversion Kit Parts Replacement Procedure
Affixing Labels
Uploading Pigment Ink Firmware
Pigment Ink Initial chARGE
Required Adjustment Items
Bi-D Adjustment (Round Trip Alignment)
Head Gap Adjustment (Alignment Between Heads)
Final Check

Adjustment Outline
Adjustment Tools
Adjustment Items
Adjustment Steps
Parameter Backup
Requirements for parameter Backup
Backing up parameters From Main Board to PC card
Downloading Parameters From PC Card to new Board
Backup/Download Error Recovery
Range of Backed Up Parameters
Firmware Update
Updating Firmware Via the PC
Updating Firmware From a Memory Card
Self-diagnostic Function
Control Panel
Adjustment the Paper Sensors
Adj Cap Position
Adj Check Skew
Write D/A Value
Adj Input Rank
Adj Check Nozzle
Adj x Head Slant (B/C heads)
Adj B/C Head Height
Bi-D Printing Position Adjustment
Head Gap Adjustment
Flush Point adjustment
Feed Adjustment
Adj Top & Bottom
Adj Rear Sensor Position
Test Pattern Print
Clean Head (drain ink)
Counter Clear
"Initialize" Items
"Update" Items
Maintenance Mode
HEX Dump
Panel Display Language Selection
M/W Mode Setting
Maintenance Mode 2
Mechanism Adjustment
Changing the C299MAIN Board DIP-SW Settings
Writing the USB-ID
Required Materials
Operating Environment and Preliminary Preparations
Writing the USB ID
Bi-D #4 Adjustment Check Pattern
Required Materials
Operating Environment and Preliminary Preparations
Bi-D #4 Adjustment Check Pattern

General Maintenance Issues
Periodic Maintenance Items
Product Life Information
Important Maintenance Items During Service Operations
Lubrication and Glue
Wiring Diagrams
Parts List
Exploded View Diagram
Component Layout
Circuit Diagrams.

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  BRILLIANT My Epson T11 stopped working with the ominous 2 lights flashing so I knew it was trouble and yes teh dreaded message came up about internal parts reaching the end of their servicabel life take it to (an expensive) service. Oh dear - A Google search brought up all sorts of so called download links for free re-set software but all of them didn't download the software but kept taking me to weird web sites. I was in despair of finding somethign that worked then came across I thought at first oh dear theres a cost involved. However I though well if it does work it will be worth it. Downloaded the software, plus updates, ordered the re-set key and hey presto a few seconds later the printer was up and going again. It was was every penny of the cost. Dont waste time trying to find so-called free solutions - total waste of time and so frustrating. Pay out for this and save the time and frustration AND it works! No fuss, no messign about no time wasting getting to dubious web site. A big THANK YOU I can highlym unreservedly reccomend this compnay for sorted out knotty printer problems
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  The WIC Utility worked like a charm for our Epson XP-830! Nice to not have to replace the entire printer. It's running again with no problem. Thanks so much for offering this service. WELL WORTH THE $10! Nice to find lil treasures like this that works in favor of the consumer!
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