Stylus Pro 9000 Wide Format printer Service Manual

Stylus Pro 9000 Wide Format printer Service Manual
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This manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of EPSON EPSON Stylus PRO 9000. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions
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Product Description


Professional Color Printing Features
Consumable Products & Options
Print Specifications
Paper-Feed Specifications
Paper Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Conformity/Safety Approvals
Environmental Specifications
Ink Cartridge Specifications
Acoustic Noise
Controller Specifications
Cutter Specifications
Printer Dimensions & Weight
Control Panel
LED indicators
Control Panel Messages
Control Panel Settings
SelecType menu
Test Print Menu
Printer Status Menu
User Paper Settings
Cutter Replacement Menu
Gap Adjustment Menu
Maintenance Errors
Service Errors
Service Related Printer Settings
Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode 2
Self-Diagnostic Mode
Firmware Update
Updating the Firmware via the PC
Updating the Firmware Via Memory Card
Jumper Settings
Serial interface
Parallel interface
TYPE-B Optional interface
Buffer operation
Interface selection

Operating Principles
Component List & Illustrations
Print Mechanism Components
Carriage Components
Paper Feed Path & Components
Ink System Components
Electrical Circuit Boards
Description of Components
Carriage Mechanism
CR Guide Rail
Paper Feed Assembly
PF Rail
Cleaning Mechanism
Ink Supply Mechanism
Printer Mechanism Operation Outline
Carriage Mechanism
Platen Gap Mechanism
Paper Feed Mechanism
Summary of Control Circuit Operations
Reset Circuit
CR/PF Motor Driver Circuit
Head SLID Motor Driver Circuit
Pump Motor Driver Circuit
Printhead Driver Circuit

Test Points
Troubleshooting Using the Error Messages
Errors that require a service technician
Maintenance Req. 0100
Service Req. 00000100
Service Req. 00000101
Service Req. 00010000
Service Req. 00010001
Service Req. 00010002
Service Req. 00010003
Service Req. 00010004
Service Req. 00010005
Service Req. 00010006
Service Req. 00010007
Service Req. 00010008
Service Req. 00010009
Service Req. 0001000A
Service Req. 0001000C
Service Req. 0001000D
Service Req. 0001000E
Service Req. 0001000F
Service Req. 00010010
Service Req. 00020000 (NVRAM error)
Service Req. 00020001 (Internal RAM error)
Service Req. 00020002 (SRAM error)
Service Req. 00020003 (DRAM error)
Service Req. 10000004 (CPU GNRL ILLEGAL INSTRCTNS)
Service Req. 10000006 (CPU SLOT ILLEGAL INSTRCTNS)
Service Req. 10000009 (CPU CPU ADDRESS ERROR)
Service Req. 1000000A (CPU DMAC/DTC ADDRESS ERROR)
Service Req. 100000## (CPU VECTOR 32~63)
General Errors
Ink Low
Paper Out
Load xxx Paper
Load Paper
Paper Jam
Cover Open
Paper Not Cut
Paper Not Straight
Reload Paper
Push Lever Down
Compartment Open
Ink Out
No Ink Cartridge
Remove Paper
Option I/F Error
Troubleshooting Based on Your Printout
Dot Missing
Uneven Printing/Poor Resolution
Smudged or Marred Printout (Front)
Smudged or Marred Printout (Reverse side)
White or Black Banding

Disassembly & Assembly
Screw List
Disassembly Flow
Removing the Housing
Maintenance Cover Removal
H Top Cover Removal
L/R Side Covers Removal
Front Cover Assembly Removal
Roll Cover Assembly Removal
Lower Paper Guide Removal
Upper Paper Guide Removal
Circuit Board Removal
Power Board Removal
C277MAIN Board Removal
Printer Mechanism Disassembly
Replacing the Waste Ink Pads
Replacing the Printheads
Removing the CR Motor/Pulley Assembly
Removing the PF Motor Assembly
removing the hd_SLID motor assembly
Maintenance Assembly Removal & Disassembly
removing the INterlock switch (L/R)
removing the P_THICK SENSOR
removing the P_REAR Sensor
removing the P_FRONT sensor
removing the LEVER POSITION SENSOR / hd_SLID HP sensor5
removing the CR-HP sensor and encoder
Ink System Machanism Disassembly
Removing the I/C Holder Assembly
Disassembling the I/C Holder

Adjustment Tools
Adjustment Items 8
Adjustment Steps
Parameter Backup
Requirements for Backup
Backup & Download Procedures
Firmware Update
Updating Via the PC
Updating From a Memory Card
Entering Self-Diagnostic Mode
Self-Diagnostic Mode Menus
Adjustment Menu
Adj Cap Position
Adj Check Skew
Adj Input Rank
Adj Check Nozzle
Adj x Head Slant (B/C heads)
Adj B/C Head Height
Adj Bi-D
Head Gap Adjustment
Flush Point Right and Left Adjustment
Feed Adjustment
Adj Top & Bottom
Adj Rear Sensor Position
Test Pattern Print
Clean Head (drain ink)
Counter Clear
Test Menu
Control Panel
Sensor Adjustment
Cleaning menu
Print menu
Parameter menu
"Initialize" Items
"Update" Items
Mechanism Adjustment
Carriage Cover Height Adjustment
Cutter Position Adjustment
CR Steel Belt Tension Adjustment
PF Belt Tension Adjustment
Gear Backlash Adjustment
I/H Lever Position Adjustment
P THICK Sensor Assembly Adjustment

Maintenance & Setup
General Maintenance Issues
Periodic Maintenance Items
Product Life Information
Important Maintenance Items During Service Operations
Unpacking and Installing
The Packaging
Before Opening the Large & Medium boxes
Contents of the Packaging
Medium-size box
Large box
Unpacking and Assembling
From unpacking to assembling the Stand
Assembling the Printer body
Wiring Diagrams
Parts List
Exploded View Diagram
Component Layout
Circuit Diagrams

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  allaoua melouk 2010-07-13 06:43:26  
  You are magic man. I have downloaded adjustment program and resetted the waste ink counter. Thank you so much for prompt service!
  sainanda min 2007-08-07 00:58:34  
  My printer stopped printing with the error as \"General Error\" Epson quoted me $60 to send an engineer to fix my printer. After reading through the information on this site I decided to fix it myself. Found the problem was related to the waste ink pad counter. Only 10 minutes, I had the the printer working. The printer tested fine and has done approx 150 pages since with NO issues. Thanks!
  planeta cartucho 2009-06-20 19:32:14  
  Excellent value for money. Try It, you\'ll see!
  agustin lopez 2020-11-26 18:44:27  
  I used free trial for my xp 540. Now it's ok again. Thank you..
  Sandeep Khichi 2020-07-06 16:57:16  
  Very helpful - thank you. I was stuck as I use a Mac and your Mac software saved the day. I used the trial key this time to be sure it worked, but will be happy to purchase one when I need it next.
  Graham Simpson 2011-10-01 11:31:16  
  I have three Epson R290 Printers and this is the second one i have had to reset. Your system is the best by far and for $9.99 you can't say no. Yes i was able to purchase the waste pads from a place for only $5.00 so now I should be able to keep on printing. Thanks again guys well done.
  Dee Witherspoon 2023-12-04 16:05:20  
  Having changed the ink pads in my Epson XP-342 I didn't expect to get an error message telling me I had to have a service by Epson! Found this site highly recommended for resetting this message so went on and downloaded the WIC Reset Key and sure enough my printer reloaded and I was able to use my printer again as I desperately needed to print some paperwork out. Thank you Excellent service.
  Osiris De los Santos 2021-01-27 13:10:51  
  Funktioniert wunderbar kann ich nur empfehlen +++++
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