Epson C9345 Maintenance Box Chip Resetter

Epson C9345 Maintenance Box Chip Resetter
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This Epson C9345 Maintenance Box Chip Resetter is developed for resetting IC chip stored on C9345 Maintenance Box. When Waste Ink Counter that is stored in IC chip is overflow - printer stops and require replacing Maintenance Box. But it can be easily reset by C9345 Chip Resetter.

Supported printer models:

L6550, L6570, L6580
L8160, L8180
L15150, L15158, L15160, L15180

EcoTank M15140

EcoTank Pro M15180

WorkForce Pro WF-7310
WorkForce Pro WF-7820
WorkForce Pro WF-7830, WF-7835
WorkForce Pro WF-7840


ET-5800, ET-5850, ET-5880
ET-8500, ET-8550

ET-16600, ET-16650


and other printer models that use C12C934591 Maintenance Box

Chip Resetter has a light indication of the status.

Instructions for resetting Waste Ink Counters IC chips:
Perform a reset before the ink level drops to 15%;
Firmly connect the diaper cartridge chip to the Chip Resetter - the indicator will light up in red - this means there is contact between the chip and the Chip Resetter;
Hold the chip and Resetter in this state for 5-6 seconds;
After 4-5 seconds, the indicator will change its color to green - this means that the chip has been reset successfully;
If the indicator does not flash in green, it is possible that the contact is bad or the power supply elements of the resetter are faulty. In this case, unscrew the 2 screws on the back cover of the resetter, take out the 3 pill batteries and replace them with new ones.

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  jam epson 2008-07-15 15:29:21  
  I need it
  Audrey Boilley 2017-02-09 15:06:53  
  Thanks for your help. My printer is working again.
  mario fernando mosquera carabali 2011-12-23 16:09:33  
  gracias worked perfect! Artisan 810 reset ok!
  Sara Carmona 2020-03-25 16:28:17  
  My printer Epson has encountered problem with ink pad waste and use wic tools and it works with the simplest step by step instructions. thank you.Trusted and recommended
  Krzysztof Luczak 2016-07-25 04:01:38  
  And after proceeding the counter reset my Epson printer works fine! So thank you very much for your very good service. Many greetings from Germany
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