OPTRA E-210 Printer
Service Manual

OPTRA E-210 Printer<br> Service Manual
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This manual describes functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance, and repair of
the OPTRA E-210 laser printer.

FORMAT: High resolution PDF document!
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  Franco Gigliotti 2012-10-03 10:11:21  
  Veramente efficace e veloce. Sono pi¨ volte che utilizzo il programma WIC e mi sono trovato sempre bene. Certo, bisogna svuotare la vaschetta di recupero dell\'inchiostro. Se no...
  Miroslaw Nocon 2023-08-23 16:46:26  
  Dzi─Ökuj─Ö Bardzo. Wszsytko dzia┼éa. PRzestali zarabiac na cardrid┼╝ach to wymy┼Ťlili drog─ů wymian─Ö pampersa w serwisie. Dop├│ki mia┼éem ubuntu nie musia┼éem niczego resetowa─ç, nawet wymienia─çpampersa i jako┼Ť nic si─Ö nie przepe┼éni┼éo... Przeszed┼éem na sterowniki Epsona bo zainstalowa┼éem Windows11 to pojawi┼é si─Ö problem, czyli wida─ç ┼╝e to ewidentnie naci─ůganie klienta. Producent oszust, ale na szcz─Ö┼Ťcie s─ů uczciwi i dobrzy hakerzy - brzmi dziwnie, ale taka jest prawda. Brawo dla 2manuals.com. Mam Epson L3060 Eco Tank.
  David Wrather 2016-03-31 22:39:24  
  I have been struggling with a clogged head on my Epson Pro 4900 for weeks.
The Windex-on-a-papertowel-overnight solution has worked before; however, it was not clearing the nozzles this time.
Thanks to John\'s link ( http://forum.luminous-landscape.com/index.php?topic=77073.0 ) for guiding me to 2manuals.com!!
I purchased the SP4900 program and it was GREAT!
I used the Adjustments (Individual) program on Section 2 Head Related Checks and Adjustments, first at level CL3 then CL2 for the clogged colours channels and voila, my head is now fully functional again.
I have only browsed through the other SP4900 subroutines, but they will provide me with a full suite of maintenance routines that could be very useful in the future.

This program was fantastic. The only inconvenience was that it is a Windows .exe file and I am a Mac OSX user. I had to launch Windows 7 Pro in Fusion and conduct the maintenance; however, with so many Mac users needing this type of help for the Epson Pro printers, it would be great to have an OSX program option too. That being said, if you can run Windows on your computer and have an Epson Pro 4900, I highly recommend this indespensible program. At $29.99 it is a steal compared to calling in a technician.
Keep up the super product support, John!! Thanks.
  Warren Ryland 2013-07-21 10:09:23  
  The reset utility works great for my Artisan 700. Thank you SO SO SO much for making this available for Mac. You can\'t imagine how much hassle you\'ve saved me - trying to get a Windows machine to run a reset utility on... Excellent service altogether. Many thanks from Ireland!
  yoni takie 2005-02-14 10:20:07  
  Please send me service manuals of NP's IR's and other canon products.
  lins doug 2007-07-19 15:43:18  
  thank you!
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