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PG L 8L Laser printer<br> Service Manual
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The PG L8L Service Manual is the primary document used for repairing and maintaining the
Laser Printers.
This manual contains Service Call Procedures, Diagnostic Procedures, General Information,
Repair Analysis Procedures, Copy Quality Analysis Procedures, Wiring Data, and Parts Lists
that will enable the Service Representative to repair Printer failures.


This manual is divided into seven sections. The title and description of each section of the manual
is as follows:


This section is used to identify a suspected problem. It contains Call Flow, Initial Actions, and
Final Actions. This part of the service manual should always be used to start the service call.


This section contains all the specifications for the PG L8L printers.

Section 3 - PARTS LISTS

This section contains illustrations of disassembled subsystems and a listing of the spared parts.
Part names are listed in this section of the manual even if the part itself is not spared. All the parts
that are spared will have the part number listed. Parts that are not spared will not have a number


This section contains the instructions for removal, replacement, and adjustment of the spared parts.


This section contains diagnostic routines, printer setup procedures, and a listing of tools and

Section 6 - WIRING DATA

This section contains illustrations of the plug/jack locations and the routing of power and signal

This section contains the procedures necessary to repair failures in the printer. This section also
contains the procedures necessary to troubleshoot print quality problems.

FORMAT: High resolution PDF document!
ZIP archive: 8 547 kB

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  diegog_64 gaston 2008-01-23 06:33:24  
  This will be good
  Kork Little 2021-01-02 17:18:01  
  You made my day, it is now working. Thanks for your help. Enjoy your day!
  Michelee Hamilton 2011-11-21 01:15:27  
  Apart from the first key that I bought that did not arrive, the next 2 keys I bought arrived (I've only used one so far) so I'll save the other one for next time. Thanks very much for your help. Shelley Hamilton.
  george araujo 2019-12-09 18:58:03  
  The wicreset program is really easy to use. I had an "E-11" error: An ink pad needs service. I reset my XP-530 and now it works fine. Thanks!
  matt hoffman 2012-01-22 20:45:03  
  Wow, I cannot believe that this actually worked. I had some issues when ordering the reset key, but i contacted the website via email and they immediately got back to me and sent me the key code. ran the program and the printer now works again. I had tryed the reset utility from epsons website, but it didnt work how it was supposed to, it would reset but when you would go to print it would go back to the flashing inkpad needs replaced. I will have to print for a while and see how long this actually works, but for now this has saved this printer from going into the trash. I am glad i stumbled across this program and the website. (used on Epson Artisan 800).
  steve newman-whitworth 2007-01-28 13:34:46  
  Got this program! Thanks.
  Anonymous 2020-07-06 18:43:29  
  Well...that was scary...I did a check on you and you are trusted so I over road the security settings of my apple mac. And now ...for ink pad issues are over for the time being. THANKYOU.
  lee byoung kyu 2008-04-16 01:54:02  
  r1390 adjustment good work
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