PG L 12L Laser Printer
Service Manual

PG L 12L Laser Printer<br> Service Manual
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The printer PG L12L Service Manual is the primary document used for repairing and
maintaining the PG L12L Laser Printers.
This manual contains Service Call Procedures, Diagnostic Procedures, General Information,
Repair Analysis Procedures, Copy Quality Analysis Procedures, Wiring Data, and Parts Lists
that will enable the Service Representative to repair PG L12L failures.

This manual is divided into seven sections. The title and description of each section of the manual
is as follows:

This section is used to identify a suspected problem. It contains Call Flow, Initial Actions, and Final Actions. This part of the service manual should always be used to start the service call.

This section contains all the specifications for the P1202 printers.

Section 3 - PARTS LISTS
This section contains illustrations of disassembled subsystems and a listing of the spared parts.
Part names are listed in this section of the manual even if the part itself is not spared. All the parts that are spared will have the part number listed. Parts that are not spared will not have a number

This section contains the instructions for removal, replacement, and adjustment of the spared parts.

This section contains diagnostic routines, printer setup procedures, and a listing of tools and supplies.

Section 6 - WIRING DATA
This section contains illustrations of the plug/jack locations and the routing of power and signal cables.

This section contains the procedures necessary to repair failures in the printer. This section also contains the procedures necessary to troubleshoot print quality problems

FORMAT: High resolution PDF document!
ZIP archive: 4 202 kB

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   2012-09-28 10:09:20  
  can i get reset keys for artisan 725 though i dont have credit card to pay for. am in need urgently. ============================= You can pay by Western Union
  mehdi bahrami 2010-11-01 12:27:32  
  Thak you for prompt service. This manual is just what I need.
  rano herito 2012-12-27 07:32:53  
  thank you for your information,that very help me. Can i buy about five key reset? and if i save all key reset for along time, for some day i use if i need, are the all key can use and thats working? i'm sory if my english is not good!!
  Pornchai Waiyakhrut 2009-12-15 02:25:51  
  Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt service. I received the manual and have printed it.
  Miroslaw Nocon 2023-08-23 16:46:26  
  Dziękuję Bardzo. Wszsytko działa. PRzestali zarabiac na cardridżach to wymyślili drogą wymianę pampersa w serwisie. Dopóki miałem ubuntu nie musiałem niczego resetować, nawet wymieniaćpampersa i jakoś nic się nie przepełniło... Przeszedłem na sterowniki Epsona bo zainstalowałem Windows11 to pojawił się problem, czyli widać że to ewidentnie naciąganie klienta. Producent oszust, ale na szczęście są uczciwi i dobrzy hakerzy - brzmi dziwnie, ale taka jest prawda. Brawo dla Mam Epson L3060 Eco Tank.
  andi ahmad 2019-12-11 06:01:36  
  my printer blinking red light solve problem help this problem thanks for solve this problem
  Anonymous 2020-07-06 18:43:29  
  Well...that was scary...I did a check on you and you are trusted so I over road the security settings of my apple mac. And now ...for ink pad issues are over for the time being. THANKYOU.
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