CANON LBP-2000 Laser Printer
Service Manual

CANON LBP-2000 Laser Printer<br> Service Manual
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LBP 2000 Laser Printer Service Manual

This Service Manual provides basic facts and figures needed to service the laser beam printer LBP- 2000 (hereafter, the Printer), performed to ensure initial product quality and performance.

The following options may be used in combination with the Printer:
• Universal Cassette UC-65
• Paper Feeder Unit PF-65
• Hard Disk HD-65
• Ether Board EB-65

This Service Manual also covers these options. For others, see their respective Service Manuals.
This Service Manual consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: "Product Outline", introduces features and specifications as well as how to install and use the Printer.

Chapter 2: "Operation", explains the principles of operation used in the mechanical/electrical systems of the Printer according to function as well as timing at which associated mechanisms operate.

Chapter 3: "Mechanical System", shows the mechanical construction of the Printer and how to disassemble/assemble and adjust its components.

Chapter 4: "Troubleshooting", indicates how to correct various faults and make checks/adjust-ments, and provides standards to follow.

APPENDIX contains a general timing chart, general circuit diagrams, and list of signals.

FORMAT: High resolution PDF document!
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