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ColorPASS Z40<br>Service Manual
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This Service Manual provides basic facts and figures needed in the field when servicing the ColorPASS/PS-NX, and consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1
Introduction introduces the ColorPASS/PS-NXs features and provides an outline of operation.
Chapter 2
Preparing for Installation discusses things to do before stating the installation work.
Chapter 3
Installation shows how to install the ColorPASS/PS-NX, and provides an outline of its control panel.
Chapter 4
Disassembly/Assembly shows how to disassemble and assemble the ColorPASS/PS-NX.
Chapter 5
Troubleshooting provides tables of typical problems and actions to take with a list of error messages.
Chapter 6
Parts Catalog contains diagrams of parts and parts names.
Appendix, contains a table of specifications and a list of tools.

All service persons are encouraged to read these documents at least once to find out how the ColorPASS/PS-NX may be set up by making various optional settings.
The ColorPASS/PS-NX is a maintenance-/inspection-free product.

All service persons are expected to have a good understanding of the contents of this Service Manual and all relevant Service Information bulletins and be able to identify and isolate faults in the machine.

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  hassan nasr 2020-05-26 22:14:43  
  First thoughts were $9.99 is a bit much but you've got to see this in context. My printer is perfectly ok. EPSON are trying to rip me off to buy a new one. These guys have the skills to let me get one over on those rip-offs at EPSON. Well done guys.
  shakir kareem 2007-07-08 22:40:10  
  Downloaded with now peoblem. Already used on 6 printers! Thank you very much! Good work.
   2012-09-28 10:09:20  
  can i get reset keys for artisan 725 though i dont have credit card to pay for. am in need urgently. ============================= You can pay by Western Union
  H. Graham Jackson 2011-12-23 14:39:51  
  This is the best $9.99 I have ever spent. My much used and carefully maintained Epson R1800 stopped working shortly after the dreaded notice appeared 'Service required.......' I had always been careful to soak up the excess ink in the sponge ink reservoir and the printer was still working beautifully. Thank goodness I looked on Google for a solution and it came up with you guys, like the cavalry coming over the hill to rescue me! the reset worked perfectly and my beloved printer is once again up and running. Thank you so much, I can unreservedly recommend your software.
  Rafael Calderon 2010-04-13 06:28:23  
  I woul like the info for reset a Epson R 280. Can i do it with your manual?
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