LaserJet 3300 MF Printer
Service Manual

LaserJet 3300 MF Printer <br>Service Manual
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LaserJet 3300 MF printer Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the HP LaserJet 3300 MFP


1 Product information
Chapter contents
Overview of product
Front and side view
Back and side view
Hardware description
Firmware description
Product Specifications
Model and serial numbers
Warranty statement
Extended warranty
Print cartridge information
Refilled print cartridges
Recycling print cartridges
FCC Part 68 Requirements (US)
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (US)
IC CS-03 requirements
Regulatory information for EU countries

2 Operation
Chapter contents
Operating environment
Identifying the control panel components
Fax controls
To send a fax to one recipient
To receive faxes when you hear fax tones
Alphanumeric buttons
Menu and cancel controls
Copy, scan, and start controls
Control panel menu structure
To print the control panel menu structure
To use the control panel keys
Control panel error messages
Product media specifications
Supported media sizes (printer)
Guidelines for using media
Paper and Transparencies
Common media problems table
Card stock and heavy media
Loading media
Loading media to print
Selecting originals for the ADF
Media information for the flatbed
Loading originals to copy or scan
To load originals onto the flatbed scanner
To load originals into the ADF input tray
Printer output paths

3 Maintenance
Chapter contents
Life expectancies of parts that wear
Scanner calibration
Cleaning the product
Cleaning the exterior
Cleaning the glass
Cleaning the lid backing
Cleaning the print path
Cleaning the print cartridge area
Cleaning the printer pickup roller
Cleaning the printer separation pad
User-replaceable parts
Replacing the printer pickup roller
Replacing the printer separation pad
Installing a new ADF
To install a new or replacement ADF
Changing an ADF pick roller assembly
Removing and replacing the control panel bezel

4 Operational overview
Chapter contents
Basic functions
Formatter system
Central processing unit
Line Interface Unit (LIU)
Scanner formatter PCA
Flash memory or ROM
Standard Boot Process
Parallel interface or Universal Serial Bus interface
Control panel
Draft mode
Enhanced I/O
EN Contents 5
PJL overview
Scanner and ADF functions and operation
Scanner Functions
Scanner Operation
ADF Operation
ADF paper path and ADF sensors
ADF Jam Detection
Printer functions and operation
Engine control unit/power system
Image formation system
Printer paper-feed system
Jam detection
Basic sequence of operation (formatter-to-printer)
LIU (fax) functions and operation
PSTN operation
The fax subsystem
Formatter in the fax subsystem
LIU in the fax subsystem
Fax page storage in flash memory

5 Removal and replacement
Chapter contents
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Before performing service
Print cartridge
Parts removal order
Separation of scanner from printer
Right side cover
Scanner side covers
Scanner assemblies
Flat lid or ADF assembly
The ADF pick roller assembly
ADF document feed guide
ADF separation pad
Control panel bezel
Control panel
Control panel chassis
Scanner formatter
ADF scanner glass
Printer covers
Left side door
Back cover
Printer top cover
Front cover assembly
Printer assemblies
6 Contents EN
Transfer roller
Line Interface Unit (LIU)
Fuser assembly
Output rollers
Fan assembly
Pickup assembly
Paper lift-plate assembly and pickup roller shaft
Right plate assembly
Left plate assembly
Bottom assemblies
Left bottom frame support
ECU fuses and ECU pan
Paper-feed assembly

6 Troubleshooting
Chapter contents
Basic troubleshooting
Control panel messages
Critical error messages
Checking the print cartridge
Solving image-quality problems
Solving paper-feed problems
Solving print paper-feed problems
Solving scanner (copier) paper-feed problems
Functional checks
Engine test
Half self-test functional check
Drum rotation functional check
Heating element check
High-voltage power supply check
Paper path check
Updating or recovering the firmware code
Firmware update via flash executable
Firmware recovery DIMM
Troubleshooting tools
Internal reports
Printing all fax reports at once
T.30 protocol trace
Service mode functions
Secondary service menu
Developer’s menu
NVRAM init
PJL software commands
Repetitive image defect ruler
Main wiring
Locations of connectors
Locations of connectors and switches

7 Parts and diagrams
Chapter contents
Ordering parts and supplies
Related documentation and software
Parts that wear
Common hardware
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Scanner assemblies
Scanner and ADF
ADF rollers and separation pad
Control panel assembly
Printer assemblies
Printer covers
Paper tray
Internal assemblies
Internal components (1 of 2)
Internal components (2 of 2)
Electrical components
Paper pickup assembly (1 of 2)
Paper pickup assembly (2 of 2)
Fuser assembly
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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  Riccardo Ritteri 2019-05-06 23:19:15  
  The license.exe utility doesn't recognize the printer XP-441.

Answer: Change USB Cable
  gadmix gadmix 2007-09-02 22:49:14  
  mirza subing 2008-02-20 08:31:28  
  I want to know this program before i buy it. Can you explain me about your program i had many proble..
  ion barboi 2012-09-13 00:11:51  
  John I want to Thank You for all your help. I own and run a T-Shirt printing company, nothing big but it helps and I use the printer to print out the film that I need to silk screen them, again Thank You.
  Rudi Einstein 2021-02-11 14:04:53  
  Hat auf Anhieb funktioniert !! Danke erstmal fĂĽr die TRIAL Version , ich kann wieder drucken. (diese Raubritter von Ep...ctc.) Die Vollversion werde ich demnächst sicher kaufen. GruĂź Rudi
  mathan mathan 2007-06-07 19:16:10  
  thanking you service for help becase my family is very poor so i am not purchase is any orginal parts
  Jack Leibel 2015-04-17 21:31:08  
  I just downloaded and tried your WIC Reset Utility. and then made the purchase of the KEY. It worked perfectly. Do I need to get new pads? Install a waste bottle? or do nothing for 4 more years?
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