LaserJet 4000 Series Printers
Service Manual

LaserJet 4000 Series Printers<br>Service Manual
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LaserJet 4000 Series Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the HP LaserJet 4000 Pinter


1 Printer Description
Printer Features
Model and Serial Numbers
Site Requirements
Space Requirements
Paper Specifications
Supported Types of Paper
Guidelines for Using Paper
Card Stock and Heavy Paper
Safety Information
Laser Safety Statement
Canadian DOC Regulations
FCC Regulations
Laser Statement for Finland
Toner Safety
Environmental Product Stewardship

2 Service Approach
Service Approach
Parts and Supplies
Ordering Information
Helpful Documentation
Phone Numbers for Ordering
Exchange Program
Technical Assistance
Toner Cartridge Information
Warranty Statement

3 Printer Operation
Using the Control Panel
Control Panel Layout
Control Panel Lights
Control Panel Keys
Settings and Defaults
Control Panel Menus
Information Menu
Paper Handling Menu
Print Quality Menu
Printing Menu
Configuration Menu
I/O Menu
EIO Menu (Networked Printers)
Resets Menu
Service Mode
Service Menu
Setting the Page Count, Maintenance Count, and Serial Number
Cold Reset Paper
Clear Event Log
Testing the Printer
Resetting the Printer
System Configuration
MS-DOS System Configuration
Parallel DOS Commands
Serial MS-DOS Commands
Printer I/O Configuration
Parallel Menu
Serial Configuration

4 Printer Maintenance
Cleaning the Printer and Accessories
Cleaning Spilled Toner
Preventative Maintenance
Reset Maintenance Count
Expected Life of Components

5 Functional Information
Printer Subsystems
Power Supply System
AC/DC Power Distribution
Overcurrent Overvoltage Protection
High Voltage Power Distribution
Toner Cartridge Detection
Engine Controller Subsystem
Engine Controller Board Inputs and Outputs
Laser and Scanner Drive
Paper Motion Monitoring and Control
Solenoids, Sensors, Clutches, and Switches
Engine Test Print
Formatter System
Resolution Enhancement technology (REt)
Printer Memory
Random Access Memory (RAM)
DIMM Slots
Memory Enhancement technology (MEt)
Page Protect
PJL Overview
Control Panel
Image Formation System
Toner Cartridge
Photosensitive Drum
Writing the Image
Developing the Image
Transferring the Image
Image Fusing/Variable Fusing Temperature
Paper Feed System
Clutches and Sensors
Printing from Tray 1
Printing from Tray 2
Printing from the Optional 500-sheet Tray
Envelope Feeder
Paper Jam
Basic Sequence of Operation

6 Removing and Replacing Parts
Removal and Replacement Strategy
Removing Covers
Rear Right Side Cover
Top Cover
Left Side Cover
Front Right Side Cover
Rear Cover/Rear Output Bin
Tray 1
Removing Assemblies
Formatter Cage Assembly
Output Assembly
Laser Scanner
Main Motor
Transfer Roller
Tray 1 Pickup Roller
Tray 1 Pickup Assembly
Right Side Toner Cartridge Guide
Registration Assembly
Paper Feed Assembly
Formatter Pan
Gear Train
Delivery Drive Assembly
Separating the Engine Module from the Paper Feed Module
Engine Controller Board
Paper Feed Rollers
Separation Rollers
Paper Feed Module Plate
Paper Feed Module Gear Train Assembly
Paper Feed Module Side Rails
Lower Paper Feed Module Plate
(HP LaserJet 4000 T/4000 TN)
PCA Cover (HP LaserJet 4000 T/4000 TN)
PCA Cover (HP LaserJet 4000/4000 N)
PCA Controller

7 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Process
Troubleshooting Flowchart
Troubleshooting Flowchart (Continued)
Troubleshooting the Printing System
Preliminary Operating Checks
Power On
Engine Test
Event Log
Printer Messages
General Paper Path Troubleshooting
Information Pages
Image Quality
Image System Troubleshooting
Interface Troubleshooting
AUTOEXEC.BAT Standard Configurations
Reference Diagrams
Locations of Components
Paper Path
Engine Controller Board
Paper Size Detection Switches
Sensors and Thermistor
Solenoids and Clutch

8 Parts and Diagrams
How To Use the Parts Lists and Diagrams
Accessories and Supplies
Common Screws and Replacement Cables
Illustrations and Parts Lists
Alphabetical Parts List
Numerical Parts List
Contents-6 EN
1 Printer Description
This chapter discusses the following:
. Printer Features
. Identification
. Site Requirements
. Paper Specifications
. Safety Information

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Make sure to actually check your waste ink pads or install an external tank. Great I can finally squeeze the life out of my printer. Epson scam artist want you to send it back so they can sell as a refurbished model. I really don\'t know why epson doesn\'t just make this program available them self for free? Until then I can pay $10 instead of a new epson. Tested on WF7510. Owner of Epson WF7110 - New arrival looks to be good so far Epson WF7510 - Good Scanner Epson WF7010 - Work Horse Epson WF1100 - Second worse Epson WF30 - worst one Epson c88 - Ancient
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