HP Color LaserJet 4500 Series Printers
Service Manual

HP Color LaserJet 4500 Series Printers<br> Service Manual
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HP Color LaserJet 4500 Series Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the HP LaserJet 4500 Pinter


1 Printer Description
Printer features
Site requirements
Printer specifications
Printer assemblies
Media requirements
Environmental Product Stewardship Program
Regulatory statements
Safety information

2 Service approach
Service approach
Parts and supplies
Technical assistance
HP support and services
Warranty statement
HP maintenance agreements

3 Installation and configuration
Unpack the printer
Enhanced I/O (EIO) configuration
Printer drivers
Network configuration
Configuration tips
Setting network security on the printer

4 Printer maintenance
Cleaning the printer and accessories
Approximate replacement intervals for consumable items
Locating consumables
Replacing consumable items
DIMM configuration

5 Theory of operation
Basic operation
Image formation
Toner density
Mechanical system
Paper path
DC controller subsystem
Motors and fans
Formatter system
Power supplies

6 Removal and replacement
Consumable assembly
Covers, drawers, top, and front assemblies
Right side assemblies
Left side assemblies
Rear assemblies
Internal assemblies

7 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting process
Troubleshooting power-on
Printer error troubleshooting
Paper path troubleshooting
Image formation troubleshooting
Interface troubleshooting
Control panel
Troubleshooting tools

8 Parts and diagrams
Ordering parts
Illustrations and parts lists
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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