Color LaserJet 8500 Printer
Service Manual

Color LaserJet 8500 Printer<br> Service Manual
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Color LaserJet 8500, N, DN Printer Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the HP Color LaserJet 8500, N, DN Printer


1 Printer Description
EN Contents 3
1 Product information
Site requirements
Media requirements
Identification (model and serial numbers)
Product overview
Safety information

2 Service approach
Chapter contents
Parts and supplies
Technical assistance

3 Operational overview
Chapter contents
Verifying package contents
Verifying the cables are installed
Connecting the printer to the network
Changing the printer control panel overlay
Printer control panel layout
Menu maps
Selecting the display language
Installing the consumables
Configuring input trays
Verifying the printer is installed correctly
Verifying DIMM installation
Paper handling accessory status LEDs

4 Printer maintenance
Chapter contents
Cleaning procedures
Printer consumables
Installing consumables

5 Theory of operation
Chapter contents
Color theory
Image formation
Consumable detection mechanisms
Electrical systems
Mechanical systems
Paper path
EPH controller board
2,000-sheet input unit
Multi-bin mailbox
Printer timing

6 Removal and replacement
Chapter contents
Maintenance units
Doors and covers
Top assemblies
Front assemblies
Left assemblies
Right assemblies
Rear assemblies
2,000-sheet input unit
Multi-bin mailbox

7 Troubleshooting
Chapter contents
Pre-troubleshooting checklist
Printer message troubleshooting
Aids to troubleshooting
Paper path troubleshooting
Image formation troubleshooting
Image defects troubleshooting
Color balance adjustment
Repetitive defects troubleshooting
2,000-sheet input unit troubleshooting
Multi-bin mailbox troubleshooting
Communications troubleshooting

8 Parts and diagrams
Chapter contents
Ordering parts
Illustrations and parts lists
Numerical parts list
Alphabetical parts list

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  Myka Baum 2019-11-01 23:15:10  
  Amazing, Thank you so much i have my printer back very easy to install and my printer was up and running again in a matter of minutes, so glad i took it out the rubbish bin
  Robert Rands 2008-12-05 04:18:34  
  I got it downloaded on the page after order confirmation - Good Job! Thank you!! Good Service. Art Martinez
  joe sanabria 2012-08-25 17:53:40  
  I purchased one of your keys and ran the software on the Epson Artisan 1430. It worked great, I now have a working printer. You spared me the expense of having to replace my printer. I can\'t thank you enough for your service. I have several other printers that at some point will be in need of your software as well. When the time comes I will call on your services again. Thank you so much!
  John Phillip Dandal 2019-08-20 03:47:03  
  Easy to use, but quite the rip off. Why can't it just be a free utility?
  James Whiting 2016-07-07 06:27:39  
  You all rock! Keeping a favorite printer alive! Thanks again😎\'s beyond its stated life span, but the reset key resolved my bw\'s breathing and printing true again after 2 months of frustration! Tony
  barend gerritsen 2005-02-05 09:51:04  
  good! Barend
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