LaserJet 9000 Series Printers
Service Manual

LaserJet 9000 Series Printers<br> Service Manual
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Color LaserJet 9000, N, DN, HNS Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the HP LaserJet 9000, N, DN, HNS Printers


1 Printer Description
Product features
Product specifications
Product overview
External assembly locations
Interface connections
Optional accessories
Regulatory information
Regulatory requirements
FCC regulations
Declaration of conformity
Environmental product stewardship program
Service approach
Parts and supplies
Limited warranty for print cartridge life
Service and support
Worldwide service and support offices

2 Product requirements
Site requirements
Operating environment
Space requirements
Media specifications
Guidelines for selecting paper
Special media specifications
Storing print media
Testing media specifications
Tools and suppliers
Media input/output options
Trays, bins, and paper handling
Media sizes

3 Product configuration
Using the control panel
Control panel keys
Numeric keypad commands
Settings and defaults
Setting the display language
Setting tray registration
Printer driver information
Factory default settings
Control panel menus
Using a menu map
Menu map
Retrieve job menu
Information menu
Paper handling menu
Configure device menu
Network and mass storage
Remote firmware upgrade (RFU)
Downloading the new firmware to the printer
Using HP Web JetAdmin

4 Product maintenance
Preventative maintenance
Preventive maintenance kit contents
Cleaning the printer and accessories
General cleaning
Internal cleaning
Fuser cleaning
Print cartridge information
Handling instructions
Refilled print cartridges
Print cartridge weights
Print cartridge life expectancy
Saving toner with EconoMode

5 Theory of operation
Basic operation
Sequence of operation
Power-on sequence
Timing chart
Engine control system
DC controller PCB
DC controller operations
High-voltage power supply circuit
Low-voltage power supply unit
Formatter system
Formatter hardware
Formatter subsystem
Laser/scanner system
Image formation system
The eight processes of image formation
Print cartridge
Pickup and feed system
Media-size detection
Media-level detection
Multifeed prevention
Overhead transparency detection
Fuser wrapping jam detection
Jam detection
Optional tray 1
Tray 1 driver PCB
Power supply
Sequence of operation
Pickup and feed
Jam detection
Optional tray 4
Tray 4 driver PCB
Power supply
Sequence of operation
Pickup and feed
Media level and size detection
Jam detection
Optional 3000-sheet stapler/stacker
Controller PCB
Power supply
Power-on sequence
Main modules
Paper path and jam detection
Stapler bin full condition
Optional 3000-sheet stacker
Controller PCB
Power supply
Power-on sequence
Main modules
Paper path and jam detection
Stacker bin full condition

6 Removal and replacement
Removal and replacement strategy
Repair notices
Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Required tools
Orientation of the printer (with tray 4)
Right top cover
Left top cover
Front cover
Right door
Right lower cover
Left door and diverter
Left back cover
Back cover
Rail covers
Top assemblies
Control panel
Laser/scanner assembly
Delivery assembly
Delivery fan assembly
Delivery assembly fans and face-down bin fan (fans #3, #6, and #4) 132
Delivery motor
Cartridge release lever
Front assemblies
Print cartridge
Transfer roller assembly
Tray 2 or tray 3 (interchangeable)
Rollers (pickup, feed, or separation)
Fuser jam removal knob
Registration jam removal knob
Right assemblies
Tray 1
Paper input unit (PIU)
Registration assembly
Transfer guide assembly
Left assemblies
Fuser assembly
Back assemblies
Low-voltage power supply (LVPS)
High-voltage power supply (HVPS)
DC controller
Toner-sensor contact assembly
Cartridge memory PCA
Drum motor
Feed-drive assembly
Power supply fan (fan #1)
Cartridge fan (fan #5)
Controller fan (fan #2)
2000-sheet feeder (tray 4)
Left side cover
Right side cover
Back covers
Tray 4
Rollers (pickup, feed, and separation)
Registration assembly
Drive motor
Drive assembly
Controller board
Paper-size detection switch PCB
Power supply
Pickup assembly
Paper connecting unit
3000-sheet stapler/stacker and 3000-sheet stacker
Output accessory removal
Parts removal
Orientation of the stapler/stacker
Face-up bin
Stapler/stacker bin (stapler/stacker only) or stacker bin (stacker only) . 173
Back inner cover and front inner cover
Front cover
Back cover
Foot cover
Door assembly
Controller PCA cover
Flipper assembly
Paper path assembly
Accumulator wings (stapler/stacker only)
Paper stopper clips
Accumulator assembly (stapler/stacker only)
Carriage assembly (stapler/stacker only)
Offset module (stacker only)
Stapler (stapler/stacker only)
Controller PCA
Power supply
Interlock switch
Safety switch assembly (stapler/stacker only)
Optical sensors
Cable assembly

7 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting process
Basic troubleshooting process flow
Preliminary operating checks
General troubleshooting information
Miscellaneous problems and solutions
Troubleshooting with control panel messages
Control panel display
Event log page
Control panel messages
Control panel and event log message format
Printer message tables
Alphabetic error messages
Numeric error messages
User/service level diagnostics
Paper path test
Service test
Engine test
Setting the display language
Re-initializing a hard disk
Service level diagnostics
Service menu
Service mode
Accessories diagnostics
2000-sheet feeder diagnostics
3000-sheet stapler/stacker and stacker diagnostics . 9
Jam troubleshooting
Customer print job
Clearing jams
Evaluate the information pages
Configuration page
Jetdirect page
Supplies status page
Usage page
File directory page
Image-formation troubleshooting
Check the print cartridge
Image defect tables
Repeating defect ruler
Media troubleshooting
Determine the problem source: print media or printer 4
Isolate a paper path
Isolate a media brand
Isolate a media type
Communication troubleshooting
Communications check
Jetdirect configuration
Verify network and server operation
Wiring diagram

8 Parts and diagrams
Ordering parts
Consumables, supplies, accessories, FRUs, and documentation 81
Common hardware
Illustrations and parts lists
External covers and panels
Left door and diverter
Right cover assembly
Internal components
Drum feed drive assembly
Fuser delivery drive assembly
Cartridge lifter assembly
500-sheet trays (tray 2 and 3)
Paper input unit (PIU)
Registration assembly
Transfer roller assembly
Delivery assembly
PCB assembly location
2000-sheet feeder (optional tray 4)
2000-sheet feeder (optional tray 4) main body
2000-sheet feeder (optional tray 4) drive assembly 4
2000-sheet feeder (optional tray 4) PCB location . 5
Optional tray 1
Optional tray 1 assembly
Paper handling output device
3000-sheet stapler/stacker
3000-sheet stacker
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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