OCE 9800 User Manual

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OCE 9800 User Manual.


Chapter 1

Getting started
Turning the OcÚ 9800 on and off 8
Reading the display 10
OcÚ 9800 system configurations 11
OcÚ 9800 Copier/Printer 11
OcÚ 9800 Printer 12
OcÚ 9800 options 12

Chapter 2

Using the OcÚ 9800 Printer
The operating panel (layout and use) 14
Buttons 14
Display 15
Stopping a print job 22
Collecting your output 24
Using the upper delivery output 24
Using the lower delivery output 27
Printing on cut sheet media 29
Printing status information and test pages 31
Resetting errors 33
Resetting the counter 34
Accounting 35

Chapter 3

Default printer settings
Auto format selection 40
Printing non-standard sized originals 41
Defining your copy length 42
Editing 43
Auto shift 43
Mirror-image 44
Shifting the image 45
Stamp unit (optional) 47
High Capacity Stacker (optional) 49
Lower Container unit (optional) 52
Folder (optional) 53
High capacity output unit with punch unit (optional) 55
Pre-programmed groups of default settings 59

Chapter 4

Key operator
The OcÚ 9800 key operator 62
Entering key operator mode 63
Defining clock settings 64
Setting the current time and date 64
Setting the reset time 65
Activating the time switch 66
Image correction 67
Programming groups of default settings 68
Editing stamps 71
Defining the standard copy media type 72
Defining automatic roll change 73

Chapter 5

System Administrator
Introduction 76
Entering system administrator mode 77
Defining connectivity settings 78
Serial 78
Centronics 78
Defining default language settings 80
Language (data format) 80
Pens 81
Automatics settings 82
General settings 84
Reset functions 86
Restoring controller to factory default settings 86
Resetting controller 86

Chapter 6

Introduction 90
Loading rolls of copy material 91
Emptying the chip tray 94
Refilling toner 95

Chapter 7

Problem solving
Introduction 98
Clearing paper jams 99
Clearing a paper jam in the manual feed 100
Clearing a paper jam in the fuser section 101
Clearing a paper jam in the roll feed section 104
Clearing a paper jam in the High Capacity Stacker 107
Clearing a paper jam in the folder 110
Clearing a paper jam in the high capacity output unit (folder) 113
Print controller errors 117
Other problems (call OcÚ service) 117
Product specifications 120
Copy material specifications 121
Overview of default settings on delivery 122
Controller default settings 123
OcÚ 9800 controller error codes 127
General safety information 132
Radio interference 132
Symbols 132
Instructions for safe use 133
Removal of NiCad battery 135
Safety data sheets 136
Safety data sheet for the OcÚ 9800 High Capacity Stacker 136
Safety data sheet for the OcÚ 9800 printer 137
Safety data sheet for the OcÚ 9800 printer and folder 138
Safety data sheet for the OcÚ 9800 printer, folder and high capacity output unit 139
Safety data sheet for the OcÚ 9800 printer, folder, high capacity output unit and puncher 140
Notation conventions 142
User comment sheet 143
Index 145

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