LaserJet 3100, 3150 Printers
Service Manual

LaserJet 3100, 3150 Printers <br> Service Manual
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LaserJet 3100, 3150 Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the LaserJet 3100, 3150 Printers


1 Product information
Product features
Product specifications
Model and serial numbers
Product overview
Regulatory information
Laser statement for Finland
FCC regulations
Telephone consumer protection act (U.S.)
IC CS-03 requirements
Declaration of conformity
Canadian DOC regulations
Environmental product stewardship program
Material safety data sheet

2 Installation and operation
Chapter contents
Operating environment
Media requirements
Toner cartridge information
Storage conditions
Storing opened toner cartridges
Toner Recycling
Control panel
Control panel messages
Menu tree

3 Maintenance
Chapter contents
Life expectancies of consumables
Cleaning and maintaining the equipment
Cleaning the document scanner path
Cleaning the print path
Using a cleaning page
Recalibrating the document scanner

4 Functional overview
Chapter contents
Basic functions
Printer functions
ECU/power system
Print engine control system
Power system (on ECU)
Formatter system
Central processing unit
Parallel interface
Control panel
Draft mode
Image formation system
Toner cartridge
Step 1: Primary charging
Step 2: Scanning exposure
Step 3: Developing
Step 4: Transferring
Step 5: Separating
Step 6: Drum cleaning
Fixing stage
Printer feed system
Paper jam detection
Solenoid, photosensors, and switches
Document scanner system
Basic sequence of operation (formatter-to-printer)

5 Removal and replacement
Chapter contents
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Back cover
Right side cover
Left side cover
Left front cover
Top cover
RFI shield
Document scanner assemblies
Printer door
Document release door
Upper guide assembly
Contact image sensor
Document scanner assembly/motor
Document scanner pickup roller
Internal assemblies
LIU board
Formatter board
Metal side plate
Exit roller
Delivery assembly
Fuser pressure plate
Front casing
Heating element
Pressure roller
Face-up/face-down lever
Fuser exit roller assembly
Paper exit sensor flag
Laser/scanner assembly
Pickup roller assembly
Paper feed frame
Transfer roller guide and transfer roller
Kick plate
Separation pad
Feed assembly
Bottom assemblies
Cable guide
Main Motor

6 Troubleshooting
Chapter contents
Basic troubleshooting
Error messages
Image formation troubleshooting
Check the toner cartridge
Solving image quality problems
Solving paper feed problems
Functional checks
Engine test
Internal reports
Printing all reports at once
Half-self test functional check
Drum rotation functional check
Heating element check
High-voltage power supply check
Paper curl
Paper path check
Troubleshooting tools
Paper path and components
Document path and components
Repetitive image defect ruler
Main wiring
Service menus
Control panel service menu
Extended service menu
To change the country code softswitch
Firmware download

7 Parts and diagrams
Chapter contents
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Ordering parts
Consumables and accessories
Ordering consumables
Common hardware
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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  Leon Potgieter 2004-06-18 10:42:40  
  Paid for Epson Stylus Color 900 service program and afterwards tried to download program from link. Link would only download a HTML file, and not an executable. Left a message from 2manuals to assist me. This is too damn difficult. Why can the link not just download the executable? ============= Just checked - it works fine. Maybe there were server problem at that moment. You have been sent direct link. John.
  Bong Jak Lee 2018-01-09 07:29:50  
  I finally succeeded after a few attempts and the firmware downgrade worked !! Now I can use my non-OEM ink cartridges on my Epson printer Thank you for this excellent piece of software, well worth it Best regards
  MIKL SEMIN 2003-11-12 04:59:26  
  Cool program!
  Michael Eckenberger 2020-07-01 13:43:36  
  This was super helpful, thank you! I used the trial key this time to be sure it worked, but will be more than happy to purchase the service when I need it next :)
  bellaoui ahmed 2010-02-24 02:16:45  
  r 280 epson cx 7300 service manuals epson adjustment programs
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