LaserJet 4100 Printer
Service Manual

LaserJet 4100 Printer <br> Service Manual
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LaserJet 4100 Printer Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the LaserJet 4100 Printer


1 Product information
Printer features
Product compatibility matrix
Model and serial numbers
Site requirements
Installation requirements
Environmental requirements
Print media specifications
Supported types of print media
Types of print media to avoid
Weight equivalence table
Adhesive labels
Overhead transparencies
Card stock and heavy paper
Safety information
Toner safety
Laser safety
Regulatory information

2 Service approach
Service approach
Parts and supplies
Ordering information
Printer documentation
HP direct ordering for genuine HP parts
Exchange program
World Wide Web
HP service parts information compact disc
HP support assistant compact disc
Toner cartridge information
Warranty statement
Printer warranty
Limited warranty for toner cartridge life

3 Printer operation
Using the control panel
Control panel layout
Control panel lights
Control panel keys
Settings and defaults
Control panel menus
Quick copy jobs menu
Private/stored jobs menu
Information menu
Paper-handling menu
Printing menu
Print quality menu
Configuration menu
I/O menu
EIO menu (networked printers)
Resets menu
Service mode
Service menu
Page count
Maintenance count
Maintenance interval
Serial number
Cold reset paper
Clear event log
Top margin
Tray 1 left margin
Trays 2 and 3 left margin
Testing the printer
Engine test
Resetting the printer
Cold reset
Clearing NVRAM
Initialization of NVRAM
Initialization of the hard disk
System configuration
MS-DOS system configuration
Parallel DOS commands

4 Printer maintenance
Cleaning the printer and accessories
Using the printer cleaning page
Using the auto-cleaning page
Cleaning spilled toner
Performing printer maintenance
Reset maintenance count
Expected life of components

5 Theory of operation
Power supply system
AC/DC power distribution
Overcurrent/overvoltage protection
Fuser over-temperature protection
High-voltage power distribution
Toner-cartridge detection
Cartridge memory
Engine controller system
Engine controller board inputs and outputs
Laser/scanner drive
Paper-motion monitoring and control
Solenoids, sensors, clutches, and switches
Engine test print
Formatter system
Resolution Enhancement technology
Printer memory
DIMM slots
PJL overview
Control panel
Image formation system
Toner cartridge
Photosensitive drum
Writing the image
Developing the image
Transferring the image
Image fusing/variable fusing temperature
Paper feed system
Clutches and sensors
Printing from tray
Printing from tray
Printing from the optional 500-sheet tray
Envelope feeder
Other controls
Environmental detection
Basic sequence of operation

6 Removing and replacing parts
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Other helpful tools
Removing covers
Rear right side cover
Control panel
Top cover
Left side cover
Front right side cover
Rear cover/rear output bin
Tray 1
Removing internal assemblies
Firmware DIMM
Formatter assembly
Output delivery assembly
Cartridge memory
Main motor
Transfer roller
Tray 1 pickup roller
Tray 1 pickup assembly
Right side toner cartridge guide
Registration assembly
Paper feed assembly
Printer drive assembly (gear train)
Delivery drive assembly
Separating the engine module from the paper-feed module
Engine controller board
Paper-feed guide assembly
Removing tray assemblies
Paper-feed rollers for trays 2, 3, and 4
Separation rollers for trays 2, 3, and 4
Tray 2 paper-feed module disassembly
Tray 3 and 4 paper-feed module disassembly

7 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting process
Troubleshooting flowchart
Troubleshooting flowchart (continued)
Troubleshooting the printing system
Preliminary operating checks
Power on
Engine test
Event log
Printer messages
General paper-path troubleshooting
Information pages
Image quality
Image system troubleshooting
Reference diagrams
Locations of components
Paper path
Engine controller board
Paper-size detection switches
Motors and fans
Sensors, switches, and thermistors
Solenoids and clutch

8 Parts and diagrams
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Accessories and supplies
Common screws and replacement cables
Illustrations and parts lists
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

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  alain dehay 2011-01-13 01:08:00  
  so quick so useful answer in realy good time everything working thanks mate worked a charm - will definately recommend you to my friends
  Aferinyt Afyka 2004-05-14 00:33:54  
  All appears to be fine . Many Thanks for your help.
  Jeff Carbone 2019-05-01 09:36:34  
  I love printing hard copies of material to review. I bought an Epson EcoTank 2650 for the single purpose of never having to worry about how much I have to print.

When I found out about the ink pad and how it basically “fills up” and prevents you from printing, I was pretty pissed off.

I called a service center in my state in the US and they wanted $110 to replace the ink pad and reset it. I searched hard for a solution and when I found this I was really sure this was a scam.

I tried it from one of your affiliates (octoinkjets) and did the trial to reset it to 90% and it worked.

Thank god you guys have this tool. I bought a key for $10 and was done with it. Watched a video on how to clean the ink pads and it was super easy. Now I have a new printer basically.

I can’t believe Epson gets away with this crap. You guys rock!
It really took a leap of faith to try this.
  Paul Jumbo 2019-04-19 18:47:57  
  I had Epson WF-2650 and it wasn't printing fully, skipping lines, even though colors were full.
I did a lot of cleaning, head cleaning, put new cartridge but no luck. I did some head cleaning using glass cleaner and syringes as shown on various youtube video.
After that, my printer didn't recognize two of the cartridges. I tried everything, cleaning contacts etc, nothing worked.

I was finally going to buy new cartridges however stores were closed today so I decided to look for chip-resetting tool but nothing good was available locally.

I came across this WIC reset utility and was really skeptical if it will work. I took the chance, bought the key, used the tool to reset firmware to chipless firmware, it was successful at the first go.
At this point, printer showed all ink levels 100%. I printed a test page and it came out perfect.
To make it even more interesting for me, I live in Europe and during one of the trip, I bought two sets of XL cartridges for this same model but printer didn't recognize in the past and I was going to throw them since these were no good for my EU model. I tried these again after chip reset firmware and voila, they works too.

I am amazed at the propaganda of these printer manufactures that even original printer cartridges from US didn't work on the model here in EUROPE, these used to fit perfectly but printer wouldn't recognize however, now they works too.
Today, I was almost ready to trash my 2.5 yr old and not much used printer but after a lot of trying and finally using WIC reset utility, the printers works like new and saved me a lot!

These were the best 20 CHF/USD I spent today!
Thank you very much and I don't need to worry about relying on a hardware chip-reset tool. I will now be able to use US model cartridges and re-fill i like without having to worry. I even printed some photos using this same printer on photo paper today and printer did an excellent job.
  svenn svenson 2012-03-05 19:14:52  
  THIS IS A MUST HAVE UTILITY This reset key worked perfectly for my Epson Artisan 800. I tried the Epson reset utility (free from Epson) many times. It would "reset" the counter to "40%", then upon turning printer off - on, it would revert to "0%" with the error message that the inkpads had reached their end of life. This also happened whenever I performed a head cleaning. For those of us who use a CIS (I am not affiliated with - but have been using their CIS for a couple of years and LOVE the quality and service) - it is imperative to be able to reset this waste ink counter. I should also add, the waste ink pad issue is real - don't expect to simply reset the waste ink counter and go happily on your printing way - you will have a disaster and you will experience frequent head clogging. You MUST use an external waste ink disposal system - either make your own for $5 or buy one. THIS + the reset utility is what enables you to get the true value from your CIS-modified printer.
  Joao Santos 2010-12-12 22:41:27  
  Thanks John, You saved me alot of time and frustration dealing with that idiot I was talking with at Ebson, he didn\'t know sh$t about my printer, he began by telling me that my printer was like a human body and I was like WTF???, well anyway I eventually told him he was stupid and hung up on him, I called the place where I purchased my printer from and he gave me your website, everything is working fine now and you saved me from any down time I would have had taking to the service center!... What a fantastic job guys!!! absolutely astounded that it works and how easy it was. thank you again!
  Tim Plumley 2011-12-03 20:31:01  
  I own an Epson Artisan 700- Prior to buying it I never heard of the issue with the waste ink counter and epson's built in error codes that render the printer useless after reaching a certain print count. I like a lot of you searched for fixes online. I happened upon ( by way of youtube. I was very reluctant about using this but I also didn't have many other alternatives short of giving in to Epson and their repair method and cost or the purchase of another printer. I am very pleased that I went this route because my printer is up and going (printing) like it should be. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks, Tim P.
  guima lopes 2008-07-22 10:38:05  
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