LaserJet 4200, 4300 Series Printers
Service Manual

LaserJet 4200, 4300 Series Printers<br>Service Manual
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LaserJet 4200, 4300 Series Printers Service Manual

This manual contains the necessary information to service the LaserJet 4200, 4300 Series Printers


1 Product information
Printer configurations
Model and serial numbers4
Site requirements
Printer specifications
Environmental specifications
Paper specifications
Supported sizes and weights of media
Supported types of media
Overhead transparencies
Card stock and heavy paper
Types of print media to avoid
Safety information
Print cartridge and toner safety
Laser safety
Laser safety statement (U.S.)
EMI statement (Korea)
VCCI statement (Japan)
Laser statement (Finland)
Regulatory information
FCC regulations
Environmental product stewardship program
HP Printing Supplies Returns and Recycling program information
Declarations of Conformity
Declaration of Conformity
Canadian DOC regulations

2 Service approach
Service approach
Parts and supplies
Ordering information
Related documentation and software
Print-cartridge information
Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
Limited warranty for toner cartridge life

3 Printer operation
Using the control panel
Control-panel layout
Control-panel lights
Control-panel buttons
Using the printer Help system
Settings and defaults
Setting the control-panel display language
Control-panel menus
Printing and changing control-panel menus
Retrieve Job menu
Information menu
Paper Handling menu
Configure Device menu
4 Printer maintenance
Cleaning the printer and accessories .54
Cleaning the fuser
Running the cleaning page manually
Running the cleaning page automatically
Cleaning spilled toner
Performing preventative maintenance
Resetting the maintenance-kit counter
Expected life of components
Maintaining the stapler unit
Removing and replacing the stapler unit
Loading staples
Downloading a remote firmware update

5 Theory of operation
Basic operation of the printer
General descriptions
DC controller PCA
Power supply
Laser/scanner assembly
Paper pickup system
Paper pickup and feed block
Printing from tray 1
Printing from tray 2
Media skew prevention
Fixing/delivery block
Printer jam detection
Printing from the 500-sheet feeder
Printing from the 1,500-sheet feeder
Envelope feeder
Envelope feeder jam detection
Duplexer jam detection
Stacker and stapler/stacker
Stacker jam detection
Stapler/stacker jam detection
Image-formation system
Electrostatic latent-image formation
Formatter system
Resolution Enhancement technology
Printer memory
PJL overview
Control panel

6 Removing and replacing parts
Removal and replacement strategy
Required tools
Before performing service
After completing service
Screws used in the printer
Parts-removal tree
Printer input tray, and cabinet wheel locks
User-replaceable parts
Print cartridge
Transfer roller
Tray 1 pickup roller
Tray 1 separation pad
Tray 2 feed rollers
Covers, tray 1, and the rear output bin
Accessory covers and the tray 2 extension door
Formatter cover
Top cover
Right-side cover
Left-side cover
Tray 1
Rear output bin
Control-panel display
Control-panel overlay
Control-panel assembly
Internal components
Firmware DIMM
Formatter assembly
Output delivery assembly
Duplexing pendulum assembly
Tray 2 media-size sensor
Main cooling fan (left side)
Cooling fan (right side; HP LaserJet 4300 series printer only)
Laser/scanner assembly
Print-cartridge motor (HP LaserJet 4300 series printer only)
Main motor
Tray 2 lifter-drive assembly
DC controller PCA
Paper-pickup assembly,
Main drive assembly
Power supply
Paper-feed belt assembly
Tray 1 paper-pickup assembly
Paper feed assembly
Registration assembly
Transfer assembly
500-sheet feeder assembly
1,500-sheet feeder assembly

7 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting process
Initial troubleshooting checklist
Troubleshooting flowchart
Power-on checks
Troubleshooting tools
Information pages
Embedded Web server
Gaining access to the embedded Web server
Printer Status and Alerts software
Control-panel menus
Using control-panel menus
Resets submenu
Diagnostics menu
Service menu (service PIN codes)
Printer resets and power-on modes
Cold reset
NVRAM initialization
Hard-disk initialization
Power-on bypass
Test pages
Engine test page
Formatter test page
Interface troubleshooting
Communications checks
EIO troubleshooting
Display-message troubleshooting
Status messages
Warning messages
Error messages
Critical-error messages
Alphabetical printer messages
Numerical printer messages
Paper-path troubleshooting
Paper-jam recovery
Avoiding paper jams
Persistent jams
Media transport problems
Multiple pages feed
Paper is wrinkled or folded
Paper is skewed
Image-formation troubleshooting
Print quality problems associated with media
Overhead transparency defects
Print quality problems associated with the environment
Print quality problems associated with jams
Image defects
Image defect tables
Repetitive defects troubleshooting
Troubleshooting the stacker and the stapler/stacker
Initial checks
Jam errors
Paper transport errors
Malfunction errors
Component errors
Printer component locations
Main printer parts
Printer switches and sensors
Printer motors and fans
Printer PCAs
Accessory component locations
500-sheet feeder main parts
500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs
1,500-sheet feeder main parts
1,500-sheet feeder switches, sensors, solenoids, and PCAs
Stapler/stacker stapler assembly
Stacker and stapler/stacker switches and sensors
Stacker and stapler/stacker motors and solenoids
Stacker and stapler/stacker PCAs
Printer and accessory wiring diagrams
DC controller block diagram
General timing diagrams

8 Parts and diagrams
Ordering parts, supplies, and getting support
Ordering information
Related documentation and software
Accessories and supplies
How to use the parts lists and diagrams
Parts diagrams and lists
Alphabetical parts list
Numerical parts list

FORMAT: High resolution PDF document
ZIP archive: 43 663 kB

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  Mitchell Chand 2011-10-28 17:14:27  
  Excellent support!! Now able to clear the Waste Ink Counter. Thanks guys.
  john ahlering 2015-10-02 01:52:03  
  Have had series of 8 Epson Printers. Artisan 837 had over 12700 printed pages and 4000 4x6 photos when it gave up the ghost with \"inkpads have reached end of life\" error.
I spent hours with Epson Support level 2 and they were very nice. Printer \"out of warranty\" so how about a new one. Went to Amazon and Bought Epson Expression 860.

Epson support said take Artisan to Epson Authorized Repair Center....I did. They said \"it\'s out of warranty, we can\'t waste the time (or money) trying to fix it!!\"

Used Epson Reset key from Epson 10 times and each time it , the error on inkpads, recurred. The Epson Utility does not do diagnosis like WIC Reset Utility!! Bottom line...Fixed my own machine for very small price and I am ECSTATIC! Thank You, Thank you and Thank you!! Very Happy in San Diego
  Giuseppe Palumbo 2018-02-28 11:30:18  
  IT WORKED!!!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! WOW. Smarties like the ones that started/involved in this company is what makes life a little easier. Thank you SO MUCH once again!!!! VERY Sincerely,Marissa Smith
  samita dey 2019-08-24 12:10:47  
  Rapide et efficace, très simple à acheter et à utiliser pour le reset de mon imprimante Epson Stylus SX210. Merci
  Sherrylee Abrejera 2021-02-19 04:48:05  
  Hi, I want to ask how will I know if my printer can be modified to chip less printer. I have an Epson 4730, I purchase it last year September but I am trying the compatible cartridge on it but it didn't work. So I am worried that if I buy the activation key, it will not work too.
  Erick Garuti 2018-02-01 08:30:45  
  i buy for lx-300+ but downlod a lq-300+ so what can i do now??????

Check you email now
  Hengdri Hengdri 2020-01-08 22:01:33  
  Reset my Epson 1430 in a minute. Easy. Had looked around at buying a new printer but really had no time for that anyway. I do not have a waste tank but looking to get one of these soon too. Whew! glad this exists! I was afraid I was in a real pickle.
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